Life of the Party

I was the life of the People's New Years Eve party. I was super friendly and very involved with the guests. Well, the two guests, it wasn't a huge party. They both really like cats so I was sure to show them all of my special attackative skills. The Awesome Man was happy to help me put on my show. I gave them the rabbit kick, paw smacking, bite attack, leaping Chase, etc. I think they were very impressed.

Sadly yesterday the Tree came down and all of the ornaments were found around the house. Stupid Meezer. Everyone knows it was Latte who stole the ornaments and hid them. I of course, am a saint.

Ahh....its good to be back!! I can't wait to read up on everyone else's escapades!


Daisy said...

Ohhh, the rabbit-kick!! That is my favorite skill.

Gemini said...

I like to rabbit kick too. Happy New Year Chase!

Junior said...

Sounds like you were the life of the party! Good job!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we's tryin' ta catch up too. the Lady wuz doin' stuff wif the teenagers an didn't let us on the 'puter. we're glad ya had a grate party!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Know how I deal with visitors to MY house? I sit in the middle of the room and tell them it's MY house and they WEREN'T invited. Then if they talk to me, I hiss and swat their hands or ankles. I refuse to leave, but if removed to the bedroom, I'll stay there until they leave. I've been the Attack Tabby all my lives.

Of course, I wouldn't attack a handsome tiger coming by to share catnip. Mrrrooowww.