Since when has a human ever really done anything intelligent? Certainly not in this house! The people bought a new couch and loveseat for the living room aka the room of windows. We get tons of light and I can really watch lots of creatures from all sides of the room. Anyway...the decided they needed more seating. So they bought a couch and loveseat. Then, last night, the night before it will be delivered, they try out their plan for rearranging this antique bench. Guess what? It is too big for the space they wanted. Haha! A cat would never do something so dumb. In fact, a cat would never own a bench because its hard and uncomfortable and not nice to nap on. So I can't wait to see when the couch arrives and how things get arranged. The Woman already took down and set back up the book shelf in the same place it was. Oh, and the CD/DVD cabinet too! I just sit back, relax, and chuckle to myself.


The Meezer Gang said...

Oh NO! What are they gonna do???

The Meezers said...

uh oh. mommy boughted a 3-D floor planner software so that she can play wif furnachur arrangements 'afore she akchually moves it all.

Daisy said...

I can't wait to see your new furniture. New furniture is very fun to play on. I hope the new couch goes right below the window so you can lounge around on it AND see out the window.

Gemini said...

Oh Cheysuli is laughing! She's says it's just like the Almost Dad and then Momma would be there saying "I told you it was too big!!!"

DEBRA said...

You're right Chase. Too bad they aren't as smart as we are!



Humans waste a lot of time doing dumb stuff. I agree.

I hope the couch is made of polar fleece!! :-)

Katnippia said...

That is very funniez. Our meowmize does that sometimes. She moves stuff finking it might fit where she wanted it, and it doesn't.-Sia

Hi sweet and handsome Chase!
purrs, and headrubberz..Pounce

Junior said...

Uh-oh! Meowms brother did something like this. He went and purchased a couch....and when it was delivered, it didn't even fit in the door! He had to pick out a different one.

I hope your beans get it figured out.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

What a lot of wasted energy. I believe in energy conservation, myself.

I've tagged you for a meme that my girlfriendcat DaisyMae Maus sent to me. Come visit my blog for details.

A fellow man cat,

Victor Tabbycat said...

My beans amost nefur move furniture, but the table for trains in the basement keeps changin. Now there's a high shelf above the table, an I can get right there eye-to-eye wif Mom. Then she says, "Oh, Victor, you're not allowed up there!" so I say, "Hold me!" an she lifts me offa there an into her arms fur snuggles.

Oh, we has a hard bench but it's good fur watchin the front door an not gettin stepped on, so I sit there.