7 Things Meme

Boo (well really Gracie) tagged me for the 7 things Meme. So did Sunny, Olive Oyl and Rascal, and the P B & J cats! Basically you say 7 random things about yourself. And tag more friends. I think this has been around a bit but its fun so consider yourself tagged!

1. I have an obsession with shoe boxes. I find that no matter how narrow they are I can still squish myself inside. I use it kind of like a loaf pan.

2. I sleep. A lot. I have favorite napping spots and I rotate depending on the levels of annoyance (cats, noise, humans).

3. My current favorite place to spend the night is in the corner on top of the old scratching post in the Snuggle Room. Its high, surrounded on 2 sides, and there is only room for ME.

4. Squirrels are my arch nemesis. We have 2 in our back yard who do acrobatic flips on/off our deck and they torment me by sitting right on the other side of the window. I hate those fat squirrels.

5. Trash day is Tuesday. I realize that is usually a human thing to worry about but I like to watch the trash guys cover their faces as our stinky litter is removed. I create the stink so I get a kick out of watching.

6. I sleep in the bathroom sink a lot. Its cool and has a never ending supply of water. I like to serve more than one purpose at once.

7. I get scabbies behind my ears. Gee, wonder who claws the crap out of my face??? KAZE.


Black Cat said...

Those are great answers. I particularly like the one about the trash guys. I'm mad with ours coz they came a day early for the recycling and I hadn't bothered to put most of it out so come next Thursday I shall have had to find room for a month's worth. Teleport some stinky litter over here - that'll teach them, hehe:) xxx

Daisy said...

Those are some interesting things about you, Chase! You are such a big Mancat, I did not know you could fit into a shoebox.

Sunny's Mommy said...

#7, all the more reason to put the smack down her, hard!

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Those are some very interesting facts about you - thanks for sharing. Dante loves to sleep in the bathroom sink too.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Oh, hiss! Blogger ate my comment.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I may have to have a chat with Kaze about this! I'm with you on sinks... or should I say, IN sinks. Victor's the box cat.

I'll try not to hiss or growl at my woman, but I can't promise I'll purr. My woman will be making her own dinner tonight - call the fire dept! The man will provide another night. Instead, she went out to lunch and had ribs (not GF) at a favorite restaurant. Purrs to my handsome mancat!

jenianddean said...

Holy smokes! We have so much in common. I love to sleep in boxes - any kind of box. I love, love, love to sleep in my mom's bathroom sink. As a matter fact I was in there right before I came in here to visit my friends. And sassy squirrels are also my nemesis.

Thanks for the neat info!!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Angus said...

I've been getting little scabs on my neck and on my cheeks just lately. My mom thinks it's all the 'splorin' I've been doing and I'm slinking into spots that have poky bits. She already checked for critters and things. Another reason why I'm not allowed outside by myself off of the leash. Hmph.

Henry Helton said...

Those are very interesting things. i would like to see you squish yourself into a shoe box.

Caesar and Princess said...

Chase. You are cooler than cool.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

These are the reasons you have so many Charmers Chase. You rock, especially with watching the trash guys and laffin. That is awesome.

Sorry about those squirrels. I've tried to get mommy to feed them inside so I can eat, um, I mean, greet, them, but she says no.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

ha ha ha...loaf pan...ha haha

Mickey said...

I like any king of box too!
Mom feeds the fat squirrels here and they are a pain(Blasted screens)
Trash day...hahahahaha,good one :)

Willow said...

Those are very interesting things you wrote about yourself. I love to go in any size box too! And I also watch the trash truck guys but mine come on Thursdays. Hey, that's tomorrow better go fill up the box!

Purrrrrs, Willow

Junior said...

I sleep alot too! I haven't tried to fit in any shoe boxes....meowm needs to bring some of those home!