I seriously lucked out at the VET's

I saw the PTU earlier in the day. Since I'm a good boy I walked right into mine, its actually quite spacious for my boo-tay. Into the Grey Machine I went and Latte was facing me in his PTU. The Awesome Man likes when we yowl in the car so he talked to us the whole way. The AM likes to park really far away so we had to walk next to a busy road to get to the office. The Woman yelled at him for not being "shock absorbing" enough with his wrist as I was flying all over the place.

Everyone was oogling over Latte because they all adore him, everyone came in to see him. Therefore I got to wait in my PTU for a long time. When they finally got to me the VET looked at my eyes/ears, all over my body, took my temp, looked at my teeth and said I was good to go. Can you believe it??? NO NEEDLES! He said my titer levels from last year are super high so I probably don't ever need any more shots besides the rabbies every 3 years. Even my weight is OK, I'm 12.7 lbs and if I hit 13 I need to go on a diet but I'm OK for now as I've always weighed this much. He did insult me though. He said I wouldn't look very good in a Speedo. All the people laughed hard at that one. I only got a little hissy when they took my temperature but who doesn't? AND I don't need a dental! He gave the people some stuff to put in our water to help our teeth stay clean and the tall man has to rub some gel on my gums. For my sniffles he put all of the cats on a round of antibiotics to clear up our Herpes flare up. Sigh. The Woman really hoped there would be more answers for the sniffles but its just the Herpes.

All in all it was a really easy trip to the VET. I really like the VET he's a giant like the Awesome Man and he and the AM laugh a lot and have fun. How the VET is fun I don't know but it wasn't completely unbearable. As usual we were silent on the ride home. When we got out of the PTUs we both licked our boo-tays because we were violated.



My Kaze scratches are freaking itchy. Go look at how long those things were!!!!(they got clipped last night) I also have some behind both ears. That little frootbat has GOT to stop hurting me or even the Woman is going to start punishing her for playing too hard. I'm a little worried about the VET tonight. I have a feeling he's going to want to clean my teeth. I hate clean teeth, they did that to me once before 3 years ago. I really hope he can help me with the sneezes because they are making me sleepy and I really hate the sneezing fits.

I'm sleepy so I'm going to take a nap until the Awesome Man gets home. He's going to be home all afternoon waiting for the Stupid Verizon Guy. Apparently the Awesome Man doesn't think to highly of our DSL provider as his cell phone's connection is beating our computer at the moment.


As if things could get better....

The Woman was scratching my chin this morning and I was really leaning into it. Obviously this is not in my usual charachter (had it been Awesome Man I would have, but she just doesn't do it for me). Unfortunately she is the one in charge of our feedings/cleanings/health/play/etc. and she discovered a bite on my neck. Duh!!! Hello??? I live with rabid kittens! They attack me and bite/scratch me all over (especially the frootbat). Then she got all worried because its a pretty big scab thing and that isn't good. She's going to "keep an eye on it" which is completely uncool because I don't really want her looking at me a lot.

Thanks for all of your well wishes! I'm feeling the same and the Woman ('cause she has a vet degree, right?) thinks its just the virus that's now infested our house. She doesn't seem to think I am infected (which I AM with KITTENS! Oh wait...that is infested....) so we'll see what the vet can do for me. The appointment is tomorrow night. She thinks I don't know, but I do. In any case, I've been sleeping in the Millie Bed a lot in front of the heater vent.


I'm sick. It sucks.

I have a serious case of the sniffles and I have sneezing fits that make my eyes water. The Woman says I'm "lucky" and its time for my yearly exam anyway. I say no thanks, I'd rather sniffle. The kittens were terrors all weekend, running all over the place. I got tossed from the snuggle room every night because of my sneezing fits and that wasn't cool at all. I blame the frootbat for bringing this plague upon us.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I'm off to catch up on everyone's stories!


One of my worst fears...the Vacuum.

I hate that thing. I know its out to kill me. No matter where I am in the house when that thing even comes out- I am GONE! Last night the Woman was stalking me with it. I'd go from one room to the next and it came along. Plus, she trapped me on the couch with it, I couldn't get down and it kept getting closer and closer and closer.

I was so exhausted from running away from the vacuum that I passed out on top of the Woman last night and slept. It is pretty rare for me to want to snuggle with her.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means TURKEY!! But it also means I won't be able to blog much. I really need the Woman's help (much to my dismay) and she's going to be very busy. I'll be back on Monday!


My favorite thing to do

Tomorrow I shall tell about my second exciting adventure (mostly because Blogger just ate half of it right now. For now, I shall show you one of my favorite things to do. Sit in boxes. I love boxes!!
I really really love shoe boxes. I can fit into any of them with a little creative wiggling. This is a sneaker box so I have no problems fitting, but last night I fit into one of the Woman's dress shoe boxes and I almost flattened it.


Thanks everyone!

First of all I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. When the Woman gets a chance she is going to update my linkines (and Kaze & Latte too) for all of my new friends. She just has to do some work first.

Dumb kittens are in Skeezix's contest about Tales of Devotion. The Woman should have done one for me since I've been there for her more than the kittens but whatever, I'm a big man, I can forgive and I did start blogging late so I'll let it go....for now. In fact, I even snuggled and purred with her last night because I knew she was really sore. She often forgets how awesome I am. The Awesome Man never forgets me; he's awesome. Anyway...you can vote for them....if you want. Just check their blogs for their linkies.

I decided today I would start you out with one of my Great Adventure stories. When I was about 9 months old we were still living in the shack in the woods. There were lots of creatures outside and mice inside for me to catch. One night the biggest mouse somehow got into the house. It was red, had a poofy tale and hung from the ceiling. I spent all night tracking it and trying to hunt it but it was wiley, fast, and only about half my size. The people were sleeping and they kept waking up and yelling at me to kill the mouse already. Little did they realize! In the morning the Woman was the first to find my creature. She screamed! It was hanging from a rafter right above her head. She called for the Awesome Man and told him a "red squirrel" was in the house. At least I had reinforcements and the people hunted the creature with me through the bathroom (those creatures are FAST!!!), all around the house, and finally into the kitchen. Suddenly the creature was gone! He must have gone through the ceiling light fixture hole (I mentioned this was a rented shack, right??) above the sink. Forever after that I would go up in the ceiling and wait for him but he never came back.


Where to start?

I really have so many things to say but I suppose I'll start with describing my relationship to my family.

Awesome Man
He's just the best! While the others adore the Woman, I am completely devoted to Awesome Man. Whenever I see him I get a poofy tail (at the base) and I purr and I head butt and I flop over on my back. We have a game where he gets ready to go into the shower and I chase him down and nip at his ankles. Hehehe. We play the "bite game" all of the time and he's pretty good at it. I just adore him and would do anything for him.

The Woman
She's OK. I mean, I love her and all but she is not the Awesome Man. First of all the kitten brigade is always around her. Even before them she was too interested in hugging me and petting me and I don't have respect for people who come to me for love. She's good though because she feeds me and she always lets me neck snuzzle if the Awesome Man pushes me away.

He came to live with us last year and the people claimed they got him to play with me because I was alone all day long and I like to play a lot. Really, I was fine. But he's a fun little guy, we wrestle a lot and he's very small and snuggly. I take being his big brother very seriously so I give him lots of baths and I even enjoy snuggling with him. We play all of the time and he is very devoted to me, he would choose me over anyone to snuggle with.

What can I say about her? She's psycho. I mean, first of all, have you seen her ears?? She's like a freak of nature. When she first came here she was to be Latte's distraction from tackling me constantly so I could get some rest. I don't hate, I'm a very laid back, easy going cat. I just didn't really want to waste my time with her- I could have been napping. So every now and then you'll see us snuggling but its only because she comes up to me, I never go to her. We do play bite tag a lot and its funny because she's always screaming like I'm hurting her when she is the one attacking me. So she's a lot of fun to chase around. Tag is my favorite game to play, I like taking turns.

So those are the key players in my life. Generally I sleep all day long with a few small breaks for eating. Sometimes I feel like playing and then I go bug Kaze or ask Latte if he wants to. Then I sleep some more. I'm a champion sleeper.


Fine. I'll make a blog.

Hello there! Some of you may already know me, my name is Chase and I'm Kaze and Latte's big brother. I'm older, bigger, and MUCH wiser than those two psychos. If you want an honest simple perspective on life, you should ask me. If you have a flair for the dramatic...ask one of them.

I was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts. If you know where that is...bravo for you! I spent the first 6 months of my life in a tiny appartment with a woman and her daughter. Lucky for me, my life was about to change. The Woman had just moved to Massachusetts and decied she NEEDED a cat. She spent weeks trying to find me and evenutally found me posted on a little known website that no longer exists. One night the Woman and Awesome Man (I just ADORE Awesome Man, he's my person!!!) picked me up in the crappy appartment and took me to live in the shack in the woods. There was a woofie there and TONS of mice for me to hunt. The first night they figured out that I like to neck snuzzle. That is when I purr and I lie in their arm pit while licking their neck, nuzzling, and making biscuits with my paws on their necks. They say they can't breath but whatever for them.

I spent 5 years in peaceful solitude (the woofie moved away after a year). Then we moved to New Jersey. Then the Woman decided she wanted another cat. Then ANOTHER one!!! And now you have my life- HELL!!!! Ugh. There is too much to tell and I need a nap.