Tummy Tuesday!

Here's Kaze being a PITT (pain in the tail). My gosh, she just doesn't give it up at all! I mean, obviously I can beat her with one paw tied behind my back, my belly exposed, and my eyes squeezed shut. Oh well, she helps keep me fit for my Charmers. See, I'm very nimble ladies, very nimble and flexible indeed!


Man Cat Monday

Kismet started Man Cat Monday and I really like the idea. Here I am flexing my big Man Cat muscles for all of my gorgeous Charmers. Merrow ladies! As you can tell, I'm quite strong and can easily protect my gorgeous ladies. I've been working out quite a bit, mostly by chasing Kaze around.



After a nice day of visiting my Charmers all over the country, I was exhausted enough to let Kaze snuggle with me. See how she's sapping my warmth? Using me as her personal pillow? Eh, she wasn't being too annoying so I let her hang out until I woke up. Then I was gone.

I'm Kat's Cat of the Day today! WooHooo!



This morning I was sleeping very peacefully on the large cat bed that now resides on the "guest" bed. As usual, I had curled myself up into a very nice Chase-Ball and had my paws over my eyes. Suddenly, the stupid wite rat came into the room with the Woman and a bowl of stinky goodness. Stupid frootbat won't eat her food when she would rather play so she has to get locked into the cat room so she'll eat it. Well, the Woman knew that about 5 seconds after the munching commenced I would be taking over the stinky goodness if left to my own devices. Soo...she picked me up! She picked me up, out of a DEEP sleep and made me leave the room. That Woman is just such a pain-in-the-tail!

What a rude way to start off my nice long day of napping and dreaming of my Charmers! I'll be teleporting around to all of my ladies today as obviously I can't be left in peace in my own home.

Psst...in my further revenge on the Awesome Man regarding the TV...the new-new one has a dark spot on the screen. Hahahaah!!! He's really frustrated but I'm just laughing!


My very own harem!

Wow, thanks to everyone for the great suggestions on names for my harem! I really liked all of them. I decided to let the Awesome Man decide because he's got a good feel for that sort of thing, even if he only has the Woman in his life.

Chase's Charmers

So welcome ladies! Feel free to bring friends to join. You're certainly free to flirt with other man cats (as the very wise Sadie pointed out) but I promise to be true to my Charmers! Its still kind of strange for me, I'd never really thought of myself as a more than one lady kind of cat but I certainly love all of you pretty ladies! If you need anything from your big man cat, just give a purr!

We've got lots of older, experienced ladies and I'm just thrilled about that. So far there are Bonnie, Patches, Mittens, and Pixie. Bathsheba and Sadie will be checking in but don't forget they are Spicy Vixens first!

So here I am ladies! Devoted only to you...purrr! Come and snuggle up, its COLD outside.



Alright, I'll admit I like to play with shmousies. But really, I only like to chew their tails off and then maybe their butts. But DO NOT try that on a real mouse, the butt end is nasty, I know from experience.

A word to my gorgeous lady cats (especially Patches & Bonnie- purrs!): Rocky says that all big Man Cats are expected to have a harem and that the ladies are used to it. I don't have any experience with harems but I trust Rocky, he's always been my role model and has so much more experience than I do. So I'm starting a harem....but I don't know what to name it! Anyone have any suggestions?


Dear Ladies,

I feel like such a big Man Cat like Kismet or Rocky with his Spicy Vixens! The lovely Patches Lady and very sexy Bonnie have both professed their interest in me romantically. Ladies, there is plenty of Chase to go around! I'm quite a lover and I like to snuggle with all sorts of lady cats (and Latte because he's tiny and cute). I feel so honored that you both find me attractive and worthy of your snuggles. So lets just see where it all goes for the time being. You are both such hot ladies and I feel so honored you like me! (Rocky, I'm going to need some help from you dude!!)

Going along with my good nature, I've decided to let Kaze snuggle with me. You know, she was all shivery and cold so I couldn't say no to her. Plus, she's not whacking me so much anymore. Its still Latte who is my main snuggle buddy because he comes up and rubs his head under my chin so how could I say no? There was lots of "cleaning" this weekend and I find its best if we're all in one spot and out of the way. Its kind of my job as the Man Cat of the house. I think the people appreciate my help a lot.


Cat Tree

I know you've heared about the Cat Tree from those who are generally more active than myself. Yet I too have a deep liking for the new piece of furniture designed for us cats. My favorite part are the sissal scratching posts, they feel sooo good! I also like to nap on top of the platform, its a nice sunny spot. But this morning, the Woman actually found me "playing" on the Cat Tree. It has 2 tubes and I was actually sitting in one, looking out at her. I don't know why its such a big deal, I just decided it was cozy and snuggly and nice. As the Woman does not keep her camera tied around her neck, she did not get a picture. Here you can see Latte demonstrating the place where I was enjoying myself. Sadly, the Tree is not in the same place, it is over by the window now.


Awesome Man hugs.

Thanks for all of your advice on Kaze. I'll keep you updated on how things are going. I have tried whacking her back but she just runs off really fast. I really think she may be trying to take my Alpha spot, as some of you suggested. Well, that's not going to happen so she can keep on trying!

I spent an hour staring at the woman last night before I decided she was worthy of a snuggle. I litteraly stared at her for an hour, right next to her on the floor, then I decided to jump up. It would have been pretty comfy but I'm a "Latte magnet" and her lap is just NOT big enough for more than me, so I left. Of course Latte left too. She was a little frustrated with us..hehe.

I had to be VERY demanding to the Awesome Man for my lovin' last night. Here's what's supposed to happen:

I stand on the people bed and start to purr, over by the edge. The base of my tail poofs out (just the base) and I kind of weave back and forth. The Awesome Man walks over to the bed, pats his chest, and I stand up on my hind legs and put my front paws on his chest. I stand there while he massages my ears and under my chin and I purr really loudly.

Last nigth he kept walking by the bed ingnoring me! I was getting really frustrated but he eventually gave in after the Woman asked how he could ingnore me. I was so happy he didn't forget that I purred louder than I ever have. Even louder than Kaze!!

Then I chased him to the shower and bit his ankles, as usual.


What to do?

I need some advice....as I'm sure most of you have figured out, I'm a real push-over and am pretty easy going. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm TOUGH but I'm easy going until pushed to a point. I put up with a lot of crap from the young ones and let the people do anything they want to me.

So I have a dilema... What on earth do I do with Kaze? I mean, I've never really loved the girl. Sure she's fun to chase around and wrestle with but I'm not into snuggling with her or doing any mutual grooming. If she comes up to snuggle I'll wait until I'm completely awake and then leave.

The problem is in the way she greets me. She whacks me upside the head! Always! She comes up to me, whacks me on the head, then walks away. I know its rude, and its not like I enjoy it but I don't want to be mean to her. I'm much bigger than she is and I don't want to hurt her...so I just squeeze my eyes shut and ignore it.

Should I keep ignoring her? Should I throw her to the ground? What should I do my friends? I'm just about the friendliest cat around, so why is she so weird?


Tabby Tuesday

Here is the old entertainment center. The People had to take this down to put up the "old" ginormous TV. Of course, I was in the middle of everything. That drawer used to be where I am. Now this useless piece of furniture is sitting in the living room taking up space. However, there is no TV in it so its a good napping spot.


Skeezix's New Help Blog!

Skeezix had the fabulous idea to start a blog that is designed to give tips & answer questions for new bloggers as well as seasoned veterans who are always looking for some cool new things to spice up their blogs.

He was looking for some helpers and the three of us volunteered right away! We may not be experts but we have figured lots of stuff out since we started blogging. There are plenty of other GREAT helpers who will be posting to the blog by answering questions and posting helpful topics.

We got our own official badges! Don't we look spiffy? Well except for Latte who has that look on his face. Hahahaha! But seriously, we really love the offical badges.

So if you're looking for help, fear not! Just visit Skeezix's Help Blog. There is a link on all of our side bars.


Making up with the Awesome Man

We're all good now, I've decided it was all just a mutual misunderstanding and we've gotten past the whole ugly incident. Of course it doesn't hurt that his new GINORMOUS TV is broken!! Hehehe...I told you I'd win...somehow.

I slept with him last night and gave him kitty stand up hugs this morning. I really couldn't be mad at him too long...he is pretty Awesome. I've certainly been avoiding the TV but I hear that Latte was being pretty bad this morning and the Woman had to yell at him.

So all is well and right again. Except for the Awesome Man who has to get his friend (actually the Woman's friend) to come with her van and take the TV back and get a new one. Hahahah!!! He should have known that by messing with me he would get what was coming.


BIG Trouble, BIG time.

The People got a new ginormous TV last night. It is to replace the one in the cat free room that didn't have enough "put things in" whatever that means. So since the "old" TV is a year old and slightly less ginormous than the new one, it came to live downstairs in the common space. Of course we all had to sniff it! And of course I tried to jump on it...the Awesome Man (I'm reconsidering that name, at least for today) got REALLY REALLY mad at me when I tried to jump up on the TV. He got "speaker mad" at me. I should explain....

When I was a kitten the Awesome Man was already my favorite person. But he ignored me and didn't pet me or play the bite-game with me. One day I thought I'd hit him where it hurt and I chewed the cover off of his center-channel speaker. This thing was up high and hard to get to, but I did it. I chewed an entire corner off. When the Awesome Man found out, he yelled and screamed so loud the Woman was scared for me. I was scared too. I slinked off and hid under the bed for a while. He was SO MAD!! But he got over it and I never did that again.

So last night he yelled at me because he wanted to let us all know we are not allowed to try to jump on this new TV. Well, of course I didn't listen... He ran after me and yelled and screamed and scared me so badly that I lashed out at him as I was running away. The Woman heard me shrieking and....and....I bit him. I'm sorry! He was trying to pick me up and I was really scared. I would never bite him on purpose, I LOVE HIM! He didn't get mad at me for biting him because he knew I was just scared and running away and my hiss/bite caught one tooth on his arm. I went and hid under the bed for a long time. The Woman came up to console me and it made me feel better. Later that night the Awesome Man came up and gave me lots of pettings and said he wasn't mad at me and he understood why I got so scared and was sorry.

I'll tell you what, either I'll never touch that TV again...OR...I'm going to destroy it in spite. I haven't decided yet.


Tabby Tummy Toesday!!

Sometimes I just watch and laugh...

The Woman tried to get the Awesome Man to do something this morning, it didn't work out in her favor. Hehehe..... First you must understand they are both two very opinionated and
stubborn Humans.

The dishwasher tends to not be emptied unless she is unloading it after feeding us cats in the morning. I am usually sitting on the table watching squirrels torment me from the back deck while she's banging around. Today she interrupted my torment by screaming. Apparently one of those devices that people use to eat their food (why don't they just use their mouth???) stabbed her between her human paw and human claw. I can bet that hurt. She got all mad because she's always telling the Awesome Man to point the tines DOWN. He claims they don't get clean if they're all touching. She swears they do. I don't pretend to get between them when they're both so certain. I just sit back, watch, and laugh.

I couldn't help but feel bad for her, at least a little. But then I told her to go fire up the computer to help me blog. Limp through it Woman! Toughen up!


Sad Woman

The Woman was pretty sad yesterday. She didn't know why but sometimes she gets Decompressed. She was watching the Eagles game yesterday when she decided she'd rather be upstairs just hanging out. She found me in the cat/guest room on the brand new human sized cat bed. I was sleeping on the pillows with the blanket she put there to "attract cats" balled up next to me. She lay down on me and I started to purr. We snuggled for a while and I think I helped her feel happier. I'm always the one to make her feel happy when she's sad because I'm always up for just napping on the bed and she just kind of sits there and "thinks". She was happier this morning so I guess it worked!


The Past

The Woman was talking about the past last night and when I was an only cat. The Awesome Man jumped in and they talked about the fun times the three of us had in Massachusetts. She decided when we moved to NJ was when I stopped like them equally. I did used to really love the Woman, she spent all day at home with me while she wasn't at class. When they were talking I decided I'd better get up on the couch and partake in the conversation so I snuggled with the Woman while the Awesome Man pet me. They think I'm lazy but I'm just ultra smart. I know when there is somewhere I should be and then I'm there. I miss the past a lot sometimes. I got to sleep alone with the People after the Woman woke up coughing and Kaze purred too loud so she got tossed because her purring keeps us all awake. Anyway, I guess I'm just getting to be middle aged and having flash backs of my younger days. But I'm NOT old!! I'm spry and young and very ATTACKATIVE! I just also have quite a soft spot.

Here is how I look when the Awesome Man pets me. Its heaven. Oh, and that's our new cat tree!


Holding Priviledges

The Woman picked me up last night and she just isn't very good at it. The Awesome Man scolded her and told her to bring me to him. Once he was holding me I settled in and purred. She just doesn't get me. I mean, I do not like to be held like the other two, I'm a big kitty and I must be treated with special respect. Really I'd rather she not bother picking me up. She can pet me, I'm not going to purr, but she can try. But that Awesome Man....his fingers are magical!

Anyone looking for two annoying younger cats and a Woman? At no cost to you, I'll give them away and even pay shipping!

Alright....they all have their uses and the Woman does feed me. I guess they can stay.


I had a woofie once

Long long ago I lived with a woofie. She was golden and hairy and full of energy. Don't worry, she's still alive, I just don't live with her. We lived together in Massachusetts for a year in the "Shack". The Awesome man found the "Shack" to rent because it accepted dogs and his parents gave him a puppy for Christmas. While the Woman liked the woofie, she missed kitties and that is when I came to live with them.

The woofie and I used to play all of the time. I would roll on my back and let her bite at my belly and then I'd rabbit kick her nose and run away. She would crouch down and make some very odd sounds while I would rise on my back feet and bat at her snout. We spent a lot of time together for that year- a lot of alone time as the people were either at work or at school.

After a year the people couldn't handle living in the "Shack" anymore. The woofie had chewed through the walls in boredom and if I never caught another mouse it would have been too soon. They decided to move into an apartment and that meant the woofie couldn't live with us.

The woofie went back to the Awesome Man's parents and there she lives today. They are very good to her and she is a very nice woofie. She even has an invisible fence so she can run around and play. I see her sometimes, she comes over and visits. Whenever I see her I get all playful and purry and my tail poofs like it does for the Awesome Man. I love that woofie and she loves me.


Life of the Party

I was the life of the People's New Years Eve party. I was super friendly and very involved with the guests. Well, the two guests, it wasn't a huge party. They both really like cats so I was sure to show them all of my special attackative skills. The Awesome Man was happy to help me put on my show. I gave them the rabbit kick, paw smacking, bite attack, leaping Chase, etc. I think they were very impressed.

Sadly yesterday the Tree came down and all of the ornaments were found around the house. Stupid Meezer. Everyone knows it was Latte who stole the ornaments and hid them. I of course, am a saint.

Ahh....its good to be back!! I can't wait to read up on everyone else's escapades!