Don't try to take my toy away!! Its MINE!!!

I spent the night in the snuggle room last night for the first time in a really long time. I woke up in a nice sunbeam meezer-free this morning. They always get kicked out between 3-5am and I get to remain because I'm not disruptive. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of the Woman but I know what its like to be crushed by two meezers, sometimes its hard to breath!


little Latte

He's a tiny little guy but he's very secure in himself. He's so secure he thinks he "owns" me. Rubbing under my chin, licking my face, nudging me when he wants to eat my treats. Unfortunately he seems to always like to claim me when I'm trying to sleep. I mean, who likes to be "claimed"? Not Big Man cats.

I'm really sorry we aren't commenting on everyone's blogs like we usually do. We are reading and trying to catch up but the Woman's crazy busy work thing seems to only get worse. Great.


And the winner is.......

Well most cats chose Catnip Green. The rainbow technique was also very popular. Unfortunately it was more "rodent red" so I decided against painting my claws. Plus, the Woman offered to paint them and I've seen her paint her own- its not pretty. Especially her right paw since she has to use her left paw to paint it. If I let her touch my paws the white would turn red and there's no telling where it would stop. No thank you!


Man Cat Monday

A real Man Cat can wear claw polish. I'm just deciding if this is my best color. What color do you think would be best?

A. Rodent Red
B. Temptation Tan
C. Catnip Green

Look out for some really active Man Cat shots coming this Leap Week. I was VERY active this weekend!


Don't torment me

What? You've called me over here, made me get up, walk in your direction, and look you in the face. That's a lot of energy to waste so it had better be good. I see no treats, no nip, nothing worthy of my attention. Next time you call me over I'm not even waking up.


The Cookie

So the Awesome Man was massaging the Woman (why I'm not sure, something about her HAM string being tight). I came upon the table and found a cookie in a bowl. A bowl that once had ice cream in it. The cookie appeared discarded and smelled rather tasty. So I went to take a nibble. And the Awesome Man yelled at me! He said it was his cookie and he was all like "hey, that's MY cookie!". Well excuse me for just trying to finish something that appeared discarded.

Did you see the lunar eclipse??!! It was so cool!!!


Tabby Tuesday

Yes that yak stain is there to make you work harder. When you're done with that one you'll find another on the base of the stairs. It is fun to watch you clean. Hahaha!!! I've been leaving you nice and watery brown spots recently to point out that it wouldn't hurt you to clean the WHOLE rug.


Man Cat Monday

NASCAR got a run for the money with Sammy Meezer behind the wheel. I was lucky enough to be his Crew Chief for the fast paced race! I think it was going to be pretty hard to catch the 18 car but Sammy did an incredible job.

And in the end, my Awesome Man was the real winner as a die hard Ryan Newman fan. Watching the 12 car finish like that made our house very happy. Its been over 2 years since he's had a win so this is just great!!!


Daytona 500!

I'm all set for the race and the Skybox over at the M-Cat's club. My Woman decided to torture me and put a collar on me. The AM says it was his idea... I don't believe him. Anyhow, I'm a Tony Stewart kind of cat- we have a lot in common really. My Awesome Man likes Ryan Newman and my Woman likes Jeff Gordon. We'll be watching the race in our house. The rest of our family does not appreciate NASCAR but we love it, hours on the couch with our beans every weekend. Anyhow, aren't I quite dashing? I've removed it once, we'll see how long it lasts. She said at least Sundays I have to wear it.


Two things

Thing 1- I had buffalo last night. Yes, like the giant vishus deer like creature. It was gooooood. Like, really good. Yum!

Thing 2- I am going to put the bitey on someone BIG TIME. Remember my woofie Zu Zu? We used to live together but she got really attached to my grandparents and ended up living with them. Anyhow, someone is supposed to be walking her and feeding her right now since her humans are away. My grandparent's neighbor called our house and asked who was taking care of her because she had been outside all afternoon and the door was left wide open. It had been hours she was outside. The AM & W went over after dinner to see our woofie who had NO water, had not eaten, and had not had her walk all day long! She was sure glad to see them!! They left a note to the "care takers" that said not to worry about taking care of her, they were taking over. BAD people. I mean, leaving her out and alone?? She would have been out at 9pm if the neighbor lady who called didn't let her in. Grrrrrr!!!!! They may even bring her back to our house for a visit which I would love!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all of my lovely Charmers who make the the luckiest Man Cat in the whole Blogosphere.


Wordless Wednesday

(OK all of you dirty minds, I'll tell you that's a toy there. Latte just thinks its fun to rub on me and shove his hind end in my face.)


Tabby Tuesday

You might recognize this pink mouse as one of Latte's special toys. Its true, the little guy really loves pink mice but I also decided I would like to play with this mouse so I nibbled on it. And then it repeated on me...twice. That never stops me though I kept on tossing it in the air and batting it around. It is FREEZING at our house so if you happen to see any of my siblings posting unusual photos....keep that in mind.


Man Cat Monday

I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day. OK, so the Woman forced this collar on me. I've had this since I was a kitten but I could always remove it. Not so much anymore....it was on for several hours. Stupid Woman. My name is on the other side as is my old phone number.


Why would I want to move exactly?

The Woman keeps calling me lazy. Well that's just plain rude if you ask me. Sure I like to just sleep on this pillow but who wouldn't? Its soft and wide for those of us with the ample..um...sleeping-coil. I have a rather large sleeping-coil so this pillow works quite well. Plus its protected and has a great vantage point.

I'm starting to look a bit like Tripper

While I was thrilled to have Gamma brushing me last week (so thrilled I purred for her) she was a bit over zealous on the back meets tail region and the furminator (being a bit blade-like) stole a bit more of my furs than it should have. Now I don't have a bald spot but I have some thin areas. I hope my Charmers don't think less of me. It will grow back, I promise!!! Its hard being a middle aged cat sometimes.


Poor Awesome Man

My Awesome Man rarely gets sick. Maybe a cold here or there but this time he's passed out on the couch with a fever. He doesn't even have enough energy to watch the picture box. I've been very busy lying on him and keeping his spirits up. Tomorrow is more of the same as the doctor told him he has to stay home for another day. He doesn't really do home on the couch very well.


Tabby Tummy Tuesday

I am fierce!!! Gosh I'm happy my Awesome Man is home. Its so much more relaxing just being the Man Cat and not the all around Man of the house. I had to bath Latte and play with Kaze so I didn't get much rest. Things are much better when others can brush the little guy and play with Kaze.


Man Cat Monday

Dudes. The Awesome Man (and Woman) went to visit my old stomping grounds up in Massachusetts and didn't bring me. They even drove past my old VET. So I was left at home with the rats for way too long. At least the Woman's mother came over and furminated me. That was nice. What wasn't nice was being stuck with two rats who hadn't been played with for a week. They were very very annoying. I have to go though because I need my Awesome Man time.