Oh no, I don't think so

Alright, uncool. I know I've been a little annoying to you Awesome Man but you don't have to take the long sticks and go away. I thought you were done with that when we moved away from Massachusetts. I thought this box was gone- lost in a move over the past 4 years. I have to say though, I'm completely cool with the Woman breaking something or hitting some sort of pine tree or something. I mean, as long as the Awesome Man comes back in one piece I'm pretty sure I could get rid of Kaze and maybe even Latte and have my Awesome Man to myself.

Um...Chase? You do realize that you snuggled with me and purred all night long, right? - The Woman.

Pshaw. I thought you were the Awesome Man.

On my side of the bed? -The Woman


Man Cat Monday

Stupid white rat thinks she is snuggling with me. Ha! I was just comfortable enough to not mind her little head on my back for a bit. Don't worry, it didn't last long before I left.

The Awesome Man said he's not happy with me. He thinks I'm "kind of mean" and wishes I would be nicer to Kaze and Latte. Well, specifically Latte. I mean, I don't really like to be snuggled on these days so whenever another cat gets in my space I just leave. This hurts little Latte's feelings. I'm not mean though, I'm just particular.

Oh, I weigh 13 lbs. Latte weighs 8 lbs. and Kaze weighs 8.5 lbs. But its not really a matter of weight as I'm a Big Man Cat, Latte is tiny and Kaze is LLLOOOOOONNNG and tall.


The Bigger the Better

I love my little Latte. Isn't he cute? He's so tiny! No wonder the humans call him Sugar Bear. He's really very bite-sized. Hehe! (See his blog today for more clarification).

I wish I had something interesting going on but I really just sleep on the couch arm next to my Awesome Man. I have to say I approve of the Woman lately. She's actually been keeping up with at least helping us read our friends blogs. We're trying to catch up on commenting too. She has a new employee starting tomorrow so it might be hard.


Bite Game!

And Kaze wonders why I'm so fierce. My Awesome Man trained me from kittenhood to be a fierce bite-game fighter. How do you think I'm doing?


Runner up Best Fursibling Prizes

I got a WONDERFUL package for being the runner-up for best Fur-brother. Being a good fur-brother I let my siblings have their pick of the bounty while I chose my favorite- a little brown fur puff. It is so fun! Kaze took the krinkle fish and I haven't seen her that happy with a toy in a long time. So while I enjoyed all of the great toys I also enjoyed having a break from Kaze.

I don't really care that the Woman isn't around much except I'm thinking of pooing in her shoe to get her to help me blog more. I mean really....I can only be so patient.


Man Cat Monday in Memory of Caesar

I am very very sad about Caesar crossing to the Rainbow Bridge. Please go visit Prinnie and his Mom. In honor of his wonderful spirit I dedicate my Man Cat Monday post to him.

What an exhausting weekend. The Awesome Man was pretty much miserable since his servers (which I think he loves almost as much as me and certainly more that the Woman) almost melted into pools of metal. He happened to go in to the office to find them overheating and the AC off. This means a miserable Awesome Man. So I tried to be patient with him but eventually I had to head-butt him and let him know I wanted attention. And bacon. I mean really though, how dare he eat bacon and not give me some??


Hahaha! Everyone is pitching in!

Everyone is pitching in to make this a hard week on the Woman. Even Snap threw in a hoof or two and rolled herself in mud a few times. That means its baked-on-caked-on-mud-on-fur. Its like glue I hear. Dusty glue. So since the Woman hasn't seen Snap in a week (due to her health and work) Snap gets back at her by rolling in the mud. I like the way that equine thinks!

My Awesome Man's having a rough week too because he's worried about the Woman and since he works with the Woman they have the same hard stuff going on together. In fact the Awesome Man was more affected by it before the dumb Woman said she'd take over someone's job not knowing a darned thing about it or the software they use. So now she has to learn. Under deadline. And this is not easy software- this is 3-D animation and modeling.


Thursday Thirteen #57

Thirteen Knick-names I've had

1. Stinky Minky
2. Squirrel- rat
3. Turkey
4. Tub-o-lard
5. Chase-Face-Amarase
6. Pelty McPeltington
7. Little Tigger of Terror
8. Mighty Hunter
9. Lazy
10. Chase-rat
11. Blinky
12. Tubs-n' flubs
13. Elephant (I don't walk all that quietly)


Tabby Tuesday

I'm sorry but Latte stinks like the VET and I do not want him snuggling with me or rubbing on me. I just don't trust that smell. Thanks for understanding that we can't really visit too much right now. Aside from Latte's "thing" (its 8pm and still no word from the vet) the Woman is pretty sick and has to go to the human-vet tomorrow. So things are a bit annoying in my house right now.

Man Cat Monday

I'm very worried about my Latte. He's not acting normal and he's going to the VET's tomorrow. I'm trying to care for him but I don't know what to do. I mean, he doesn't even want to eat stinky goodness!


Stupid Awesome Man (his words!)

So yeah....when the Woman was changing to go to the barn I went into the sleeping room. We are generally locked out of the sleeping room during the day because Kaze will go in there and knock the trashcan over and make a mess. So anyway, I went in the room when the Woman was in there. When she was done she called us all over but I went under the bed. Whatever, right? So she closed me inside and went down and told my Awesome Man that I was closed in up there and he should let me out "in a few minutes". Well, "a few minutes" ended up being THREE HOURS!!!!!! I'm talking when the Woman got home and wondered where I was. I had been banging on the door trying to get out. Luckily SHE heard me. Stupid Awesome Man. I huffed at him and gave him dirty looks. I'm still huffing and punishing him for this. I'm forgiving but this is just not cool.

Hehehe...I just left the STINKIEST poo in revenge. Our litterbox is in the kitchen.


Thinking Blogger Award & Thursday Thirteen #56

Update on being stopped up: The Catlax worked and all is free flowing. Thanks for all of the concern from all of my good friends.

My good friends the McKitten Cats gave me this special award. I'm very honored!

Thursday Thirteen #56 (4)
Thirteen of my Favorite Things

1. Charmers. My Charmers are my most precious lady cats. I cherish them and try to do right by them.

2. My Awesome Man. He's so fun to play with and snuggle with and his touch is just magical.

3. The Chase tuffet on the couch next to my Awesome Man. It is very nice and fits me very well.

4. NIP!!! I like all sorts of nip but I love my nip banan best.

5. Treats- mostly Temptations. I like stinky goodness too. Food is good.

6. Turkey!!! I'll do a dance for turkey. I'll look really cute and its hard to turn me down.

7. My moving target (aka Kaze). She keeps me very active and spry. I'm much faster than she is and my fur is MUCH thicker.

8. The corner scratching post in the sleeping room. I can spend the whole night there and not be bothered by distractions.

9. The squirrel watching table in the bathroom. Every morning I sit up there and watch those little rats torment me.

10. I like the stroller a lot. The fresh air and comfy pad are very nice. I miss strollering in the cold weather.

11. I LOVE my woofie friends. I used to live with a woofie and they give me tail poof. I just love playing the bite game with them.

12. Sink sleeping. Nothing like a good nap in a bathroom sink.

13. Boxes. Especially if they smell like nip!!

(Notice I did not mention the Woman. I'm just pointing that out.)


Try it

Google "man cat face picture". See what comes up. (Hint: Its me!)

Wordless Wednesday

My 20,000th visitor was Cleo, Miles, Merlin, & Cosmo. I am very happy they de-lurked to let me know. I often wonder how many friends I have that I don't know about. Thanks for everyone for making 300 posts and 20,000 visitors in the same week!


Stopped Up

Things are a bit uncomfortable in Chase-town right about now. I haven't been able to leave a stinky pile in the litterbox all day yesterday. The Woman started to worry about me after I kept going in and out of the box. Well actually the Awesome Man yelled at me for my over use of the box while the Woman got concerned. I have to admit she's MUCH more in tune with my health. So yeah I got that crappy Cat-laz all over my handsome furs and it make my whiskers stick to my cheek! I hate that stuff. Hopefully things will move along normally soon. Otherwise I hear things like pumpkin and *gasp* enema. I'm NOT thinking about that.


300th Post on Man Cat Monday

You know what's fun? Banging on the closet door when the humans are sleeping. This will cause your Woman to bolt out of bed at 4am thinking you're locked in there and your Man to call your name in annoyance and roll over. Its fun. Hehe.


Chase Love

The one person on the planet who can reduce me to tail poof and purrs. Ah.....front hug with a backwards head bend. Kittens, do NOT try this at home! Its a very advanced movement practiced for years and years.



Thursday Thirteen #55 (3)

Thirteen Things that interfered with my naps this week.

1. That ridiculous Animal that acts like a rug-sucking monster. I hate these things.

2. The Woman poking me. Yes she finds it entertaining. I do not find it amusing.

3. Kaze & Latte fighting over the Woman. They fail to see that in the grand scheme of things I can get her affection whenever I want. They're so loud when they are playing/fighting.

4. My Awesome Man obsessing about about ridiculous health issues that are invisinible. And the Woman getting tired of the questions.

5. Kaze farting. Its that bad.

6. The loveseat moved and I had to turn my head to see what was going on. I'm not sure I like it as a napping spot.

7. The Woman grabbing me and the meezers in one armful and tossing us in the cat room so they could bring the tree outside.

8. The new Drinkwell fountain making its dribbling noises. I do like it though- very fresh water.

9. The Woman taking one of my coats. She piles them up so I can nap on them but then steals them when she wants to go outside in the cold.

10. Fireworks on New Years sent me behind the bathroom door. They also kept me up for a while.

11. Temptations! We've been getting a lot of them which I am not complaining about. I'd gladly cut a nap early for some treats.

12. A clean litter box. I like to leave a fresh stinky pile in the pristine litterbox. I can hear the woman banging on the boxes and come running.

13. The cat free zone has been emitting loud offensive noises as the Awesome Man plays some of his new games. That room BOOMS. Truly loud.

Wordless Wednesday



Stupid rug-sucking-Animal. The tree came down today and the humans are just cleaning like crazy. Happy New Year here's a stressful day for you Chase. My life is SO hard.