Tummy Tuesday!

Oh boy I'm exhausted. Chasing Kaze around constantly has been very wearing. I've been cooing and merring around a lot enticing her to play with me. I've been trying to get her tired but it hasn't worked. I think she might be from outer space because she does not get tired. Ever. Now I have lots of energy and attackative skills but sometimes she does win when I get tired. I've been enlisitng Latte's help to tire her out but I think I've just created a monster in him because he thinks he might be on the rise to power. Sigh...my work never ends.


Man Cat Monday

Kaze is always talking-litter about how much she takes me down and how she attacks me and "wins" our battles. I call this picture "Take That!" As you can see I have her so much on the run that she is actually hiding in the scratching thing. She's such a little wuss-tail but she's been trying to take on Latte and that's not going to well for her. Hey, I may be the Man Cat of the house but that tiny little meezer packs a big paw punch and he's vendictive!!! At least I am what I am, I wear my heart on my white paws. So there you go, you can clearly see how even though she attacks me I have complete control over the baby of the family.


Woolie Bullie

This thing is pretty cool. The rodents decided it wasn't entertaining enough for them so its become mine. It smells great (a mixture of wool and NIP!) and has a leather tail which is so much fun to chew on. I approve this toy for use by cats who like wool. I like wool....its kind of the unmentioned Charmer in my life. I like the Woman's sweaters in the way that Tripper the Psycho Cat likes his stuffed girl friend. I give this toy 2 paws up. Oh, we got it from Siamese Rescue. For some reason they actually DO sell the best cat toys, beds, etc. plus the money goes to help cats in need. And if the Woolie Bullie gets out of shape you put it in a sock in the washy thing and it comes out brand new.


Proverbial proverbs!

Little Jake, Tyler's brother tagged me for the new meme! Cool! These were Jake's Meme's:

A rolling vet or vet helper gathers no sticking owchy sticks that hurt young kitty's behinds.
or maybe I'll change it to: A rolling vet person gathers no sticking owchy sticks unless they stick themselves while they're rolling.

Eat to live and live to eat.

I especially like his last one, sounds pretty good to me. You're supposed to come up with a proverb of your own and tag as many or as few friends as you like.

She who strikes the first blow admits she's lost the war.

(Obviously this is directed towards Kaze. Its very true that she always strikes first but I always win in the end. )

A Man Cat standing amongst a herd of meezers.

(Someone PLEASE rescue me from meezer hell. Oh alright...I do like them sometimes)

Let see....I tag......Gracie, Henry Helton, and Miles & Sammy but I really tag everyone because I really like this meme!



Blue Paws! Its kind of hard to see but my paws really are twinged with blue. The Woman thinks its because I might have peed in the litter (we use crystals that are blue and white) and it stained my white paws. The Awesome Man of course thinks it was radioactive and now I have super powers! What do you think my super powers should be? Its got to be something interesting and not boring. I would like to have x-ray vision, that would be cool. What kind of super power would you want to have?


Mancat Monday

Alright the eye is completely better. I sadly can't milk more sympathy as I'm back to playing with Kaze (aka PITT). Don't worry though, I still take long restful naps because they are so important for a Big man cat.

I do have an odd side effect....my front paws are blue. I know, its the new fashion statement that I've started. They are pale blue and its so cool that the Awesome Man keeps telling me what a "freak" I am. I can only take that to mean the best possible definition: that I'm a trend setter. I can't help it, these things just happen to me. (The Woman is on to me, she's figured it might be from the litter box and my love of water. I'm not telling.) I think my favorite thing in life is to annoy the Woman Or Kaze, its a toss up.


I iz Pickles

Mine cuzin Chase sayz me borrow blog to say hye. HYE!!! Chase's Woman taked cares of me whilze mine beans wented to Flhorida. Hiz Woman neyece and feed goods. Think I iz cute? I coo... like Chase does. Oh-kaye I go now. Bhye!!!!!

Sorry about that everyone. That was my cousin Pickles (the human cousin who is 3 named her). The Woman had to go feed her for a few days and she's cool I guess. She is odd though...she doesn't like to go upstairs at all and doesn't sleep with her humans. She loves attention though.


Milking it

The Woman says I have to give it up and admit that I am 95% better now. Its true that I loved having the sympathy from everycat (especially the Charmers- you ladies deserve awards for care giving!) but apparently I have to admit that I'm acting very normal and my eye is almost completely better.

Then WHY am I still getting nasty liquids and eye ointment? If I'm better doesn't that mean the torture should stop?? That Woman and I just don't see eye-to-eye. If I'm better then I shouldn't be TORTURED!!! Everytime she comes near me I run because that means something icky is going to happen. She even has the Awesome Man hold me for my eye gunk.

So OK....thanks for the concern and I'm back to being a big tough Man Cat again!!


More Around Town Pictures

This was in our parade on the 4th of July. The Woman was really impressed that we have this service and was happy to see them in the parade. There were lots of animals in the parade. There was also this dog who left a pile of poo in the middle of the street. The woman walking him had to stop and clean it up in the middle of the parade- the whole thing had to stop for him. The woofie was blissfully unaware of course....

There were also lots of old cars, I think this is the oldest. Two years ago it broke down in the middle of the parade and people pushed it to the end.

I like this town a lot. I love going for night time strolls down to the river. When you go down there its so peaceful and there are so many interesting smells and sounds. I didn't want to go out last night because I'm still not 100% in my eye. The Woman put me in the stroller and I hissed (and I NEVER hiss) so she didn't push the matter. Instead they got stuck with Kaze. hahaha!!!!

Man Cat Monday

This is before my eye got all hurty. My eye is a lot better but its still sore so I squint all of the time. I have to say I've given up most of my fighting with the Woman because she still gets that crap down my throat and in my eye no matter what I do. Don't get me wrong, I run away but she is sneaky, she gets me when I'm sleeping.

The Charmers have been fabulous and very snuggly. I really like to snuggle when I'm not feeling 100%. I am feeling so much better I was playing with one of DKM's squiggles today. I haven't played with toys in a while. So I'm on the mend but I still accept all sympathy. Especially from Charmers.



Flynn tagged me for this Meme! Thanks Flynn, I do need a distraction though its hard to type with only one eye open. (You can scroll down for an update on my eye)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ah, I wasn't born yet!!

What were you doing a year ago?
Hissing at Kaze. She was scared of me because I'm so large and she'd swat at me. She'd only been with us a few weeks.

What are your five favorite snacks?
stinky goodness

Five songs you know all the words to:
The Stinky Minky song. The humans have a whole song for this horrible nick name of mine.

Five things you would do if you had a million dollars:
Buy a palace for my Charmers to live in.
But a house for Kaze to go live in with the Woman.
Invest in that Temptations Plant everyone is going in on.
Buy the Awesome Man his Nuclear Power Plant. (really he wants one, no idea why)
Move back to Massachusetts. Things were so much easier there as an only cat.

Five bad habits
I can't cover. I scratch at the ceiling of the litter box, the wall outside the litter box, but I never actually figured out how to dig in the litter to cover.

I growl at the Woman when I get my meds. She doesn't get scared though because I would never bite her.

Nip at the Awesome Man's ankles when he goes to take a shower.

I leave BIG time stinkies in the litter box.

I shed a lot.

Five likes:
The Awesome Man
Sun spots
The Red Dot

Five things I'll nefur wear again:
I don't wear much but I put up with it well. There was the incident with the paper back as a collar and I don't think I'd like to wear that again.

Five favorite toys:
Red Dot
Awesome Man's Hand
A bed being made

Feeling Crappy Friday

Hey everyone. I'm not really up for much today because I can't open my eye. The Woman of COURSE put the flashy thing in my face but I squinted my good eye so you can't see how much it hurts me.

Oh Charmers I think I'm really in need of some purrs and love and snuggles. I'm really not used to feeling this crappy. Luckily Kaze is leaving me alone but Latte keeps rubbing on me like I'm a human leg.

*Update* I spent all morning purring for the Woman so she knows I'm feeling bad. I've learned to run away when ever someone tries to grab me and the Awesome Man is actually helping the Woman with her evil plans to hold me down and put acid in my eyes and alkaline down my throat. Stupid humans.

Anyhow, I want to give a special thanks to all of my friends and especially my new Charmers! (I think I should be sick more often, the hotties come out when you're whining.) My newest Charmers are China Cat & Willow and Tazo! Remember, any seriously sexy female feline is welcome to be a Charmer! Its not exclusive, you're welcome to date around but I'll always be here for you to love and cherish you all individually.



As I write this I'm stuck in my PTU. The Woman looked at me this morning and sensed something was wrong. Then she looked at my face and my right eye is squeezed shut. She looked inside and its red and inflamed and not good looking. Therefore I'm on my way to the VET....crap.

I'm back. They put crap in my eye!!! It was horrible and I fought hard! I growled when they listened to my heart to let them know I'm big and fierce. Anyhow, everyone wanted to blame Kaze for scratching me but its conjunctivitis. I have to get crap put in my eye and that icky yucky zithromax stuff that costs lots of green papers (40 of them to be exact). So I'm OK, thanks for everyone's concern.

The Woman's Internet is down at work so we can't visit or update or anything (she's at home dropping me off right now).

What exactly do you expect me to be doing?

I mean, its HOT outside and the cold air blowy thing is nice but I still know its HOT outside. Plus all of that time spent napping in sun rays makes me even more tired. Don't think I never move though, because I still run around after Kaze and I was huting squirrels through the kitchen window this morning. I certainly take the time to leave stinky deposits in the litter box. I don't know, I just like to relax I guess. I've got a good life with the Charmers and the Awesome Man (and the Others).

I hear we're getting new neighbors next weekend. Should be interesting watching them move in. The woman is pregnant so there will be a new baby around here soon. I hope the people like really big TV screens because our ginormous TV is CLEARLY visible to the neighbor's house. I don't even think shades can block it out. The Awesome Man is hopeful these people will be more personable than the other people. (The other people gave us a quote for our roof which was 2x as much as our other quotes!)


Warning!!! This post is a bit hot and steamy!

(Click to biggify)

Sure its Toesday but I of course have to put my own spin on matters. The Woman wouldn't let me post the uncensored version which is just so unfair. I mean, I have Charmers, and I bet they wanted to see what is under the black patch. I hate the Woman. She's always messing up the best pictures of me.

I am fully accepting of my Mancatness and I like to sprawl for all to see. The Awesome Man would not censor me. Nope, he would just pat me on the head tell me, "That's my boy" and post away. Did I mention the Woman sucks? Why oh why won't the Awesome Man just help me blog?


Man Cat Monday

What? You got a problem with me??

This is supposed to be photographic evidence of how lazy I am. (Except I'm not lazy because I beat Kaze up real good and even left a hurty on her neck hehe.) Apparently not moving from the same exact position for over an hour means I'm lazy. Please, that just means I'm a cat. Sure, the Woman went out and got her hair done and came back to me exactly how she left me. Sure, Grandma may have come over and even tried to entice me to get up. I was comfortable and you don't move when you're comfortable.

I do have some exciting news, I'd like to introduce the newest Charmer: Parker! We got together over at Zippy, Speedy, & Sadie's party over the whole entire weekend. Merrow Parker!! Meeee---rrrrr----oooowwww!!


Rockin' Boy Blogger

I've been nominated for the Rockin' Boy Blogger Award by the Awesome Man Cat's at 40 Paws. Now I have to nominate 5 more cats.

1. Adan is really talented! He plays with tape and he can jump really far and high! He lives in Taiwan so he's always really interesting to visit.

2. Eric & Flynn go hunting and are really BIG Man Cats. They also live in the UK and I love to hear about things going on in their area.

3. Speedy is such a cool dude. He likes to help with the foster kittens and he always has a smile on his face. Don't forget their weekend long party this weekend!!!!

4. Mr. Hendrix is so cool he has an alter ego: Mr. Bendrix. That means Mr. Hendrix never does anything wrong.

5. Junior may be a meezer but he's a flame pointed one so that makes him cool. He's an only cat so he lives in style!

Ahh....the Awesome Man

I like to go outside but I don't love to be in a harness. Usually they let me just walk out on the deck without a harness but they figured maybe I'd like to go a big further. It was nice to have some nice outside time with the Awesome Man. I love that man, he gives the best pets and scritches. Ah.....the Awesome Man is the best human in the world.


Ugliest Dog

Elwood was crowned the World's Ugliest Dog for 2007. And guess what??? The Woman and the Awesome Man met Elwood in person yesterday! (They said he's really very sweet and cute) He was in the parade supporting our local West Jersey Animal Shelter. Isn't it nice such a big celebrity was helping out with the homeless woofies. The humans were very impressed to meet him. I'm just glad I didn't meet him. I think I would not have liked him much.

Wordless Wednesday


Terrifying Tuesday

See how fierce I am!!?? I am very very fierce and I like to attack hands when they poke at my belly. Grrr......!!! I love to bite and bunny kick when someone touches my bite-bite-belly spot.

(Note, no human hands were at all harmed in this act)


Man Cat Monday

Ah...chillin' out just like and good Man Cat should. Lately I've been lying around like this and getting a lot of pictures taken of me. I can't help that I'm super sexy, it just comes out the tips of my fur.

Its been a long weekend so I think I'll chill like this for a few more hours just for the fun of it.