Oh OK....I get it now

So Derby was right, we're getting a new roof. They spent yesterday scrapping half of the roof off (apparently there were 3 layers of shingles) and tomorrow they will shingle that side and on Monday they will do the other side. At first the noises were weird, especially the large dumpster being delivered. Oh, and they have this scissor jack thing that they use to scrape the shingles into, that was weird. The Woman stayed home all day and cleaned which was nice. I love a freshy vacuumed rug and I was sure to sprawl over the fresh clean rug. So the day was very weird but good too.


Did you hear that?

Um.....there is something on the roof. Something BIG. And I'm not talking about our super-psycho-fat-squirrels that torture me on the back deck. I'm talking humans sized. There are loud noises and things flying off the roof and things being lifted up there....I don't know what is going on, do you? Don't get me wrong, I'm not askeered (its not Thunder!) but I just need to protect me house. What should I do?


Tabby Tuesday

Stretching is very important so that you don't pull any muscles. This time in particular I was stretching for a nice Kaze hunting session. I stretch my muscles and at the same time it attracts Kaze's attention so she comes over and and then I chase her all around the house.


Man Cat Monday

Here is something I do quite often....glare at the meezers doing something stupid. They got a lot of mail this weekend which wasn't exactly fair since I'm the big man in charge and I don't get nearly enough mail. Of course if there is something I want I take it so I guess its not like I don't make out.

The highlight of my weekend was our litterbox scrubbing and cleansing. That's about all the lazy woman got done this weekend but I guess she did the most important thing. Oh and I was NOT the one turd-tossing (there was one next to the steps), that was Latte the rug-butt-scooter. He obviously had a dingle-berry and flung it through the dinning room. Just making sure we're all clear that it wasn't me since I get blamed for most things poo related.



And this is how you prove your manliness over your sisfur. She tries to assert herself but she's half my size and no way is she as floofy. Hahahah! Run little rat, run! I love playing Kaze-Hunt.



One of my favorite things to do is to mark my territory by scratching at my stuff. It feels really nice on your paws to grab and tug and really get into it by shoving your butt in the air. This is a real mark my territory sort of thing that makes the girl cats all soft like pools of butter. Purrr....yes that's a manly thing to do.


Meow like a Pirate!

Yarrr!! Beware all who dare pass by the Dread Pirate Chase!! Pass at yer own risk!


Tabby Tuesday & Meme's

The lovely Pounce's brother Ping and the very amazing Henry tagged me for 7 facts:

The guidelines for this tag:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
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The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”

1. I started my life in the slums of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Really, the building was quite scary and the door was left open to the apartment so that any person could come and STEAL me. Luckily the Awesome Man was there too. I was 6 months old and rode in the Woman's lap on the way home.

2. When its cold outside I'd rather snuggle alone. I don't need any meezer sapping my warmth as I do quite a fine job keeping myself warm. Of course, Charmers are always welcome.

3. If I'm not sleeping I'm annoying Kaze. Hehe, she is such fun to chase around! Sure she has long legs but I have a thick pelt so she can't bite me too hard. I never give up and always win. This is really fun and makes me coo.

4. Yes I stink. Sure, they call me Stinky Minky because I don't cover and can evacuate the whole house in under 30 seconds. Not my fault...we all eat the same dry food.

5. I enjoy sleeping in the sink, its cool and fits my body perfectly. It is NOT my fault that there is hair in there or that the stopper gets pushed down. When the Awesome Man finds me he says, "Chase!! Get down!" whereas the woman just sighs, pets me, and walks on by.

6. I have messed up rear claws. When I was a kitten the first lady tried to get me to walk on a harness but I dug my feet into the pavement. This resulted in permanent deformities and a couple of my claws just don't grow. The Woman thought the vet would assume she was abusing me and was scared to ask about it when I had my first check-up.

7. I am a well traveled cat. When the Woman was going to college we lived in Massachusetts and drove to NJ at least once a month. I like music in the car and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "PTU". I always look for it when the Humans bring out the red boxes so I can go with them. I only yakked on the 5 hour trip once and never had an accident even when the trip dragged out to 8 hours or so.

And HRH Yao-Lin tagged me for the name meme.

Well....the Woman wanted a cat. She apparently also wanted some credit at the time as she was 18 and looking to start her credit history. She came across the bank called Chase Manhattan and she loved the name Chase. So I was named before I ever came. My original name was Tigger and I think that fits me MUCH better. I am after all a tigger.


Man Cat Monday

One way to assert your dominance in your house is to look very debonair. The porch is a great place to show your skills and look handsome. I had lots of hot Charmers over this weekend on the front porch. I made the meezers stay in the house and the Charmers and I hung on the porch. Sure it was a bit chilly but that just makes it better for snuggling. There is nothing better than sleeping on a warm blanket in the window where cool air blows over you.


Further ways to take your brofur's fun

Here we have an international package from HRH Yao-lin. He included some meezerly toys and such but also some British cat treats. Latte being a Temptations SNOB decided they weren't Temptations and walked away (by the way Yao-lin, you HAVE to have some Temptations!). Of course I took advantage of the situation. Hey, I had to taste test to make sure they were fit for feline consumption, right?? Well anyhow, there were lots of great things in the package and I'm sure you'll learn more about it from the meezers over the next few posts.

Now I'm settling in for a weekend long nap with all of this cooler weather. Charmers welcome and encouraged to teleport over for a nice snuggle!


How to Pack, a Movie

I now have the perfect example of how to get your humans to 1- not leave or 2- take you with them. Its fool proof and guaranteed to make them stop whatever they are doing and get out the camera. You will notice that for once we all act as a team playing our separate roles. I have always done the "diggy thing" but Latte discovered the "hide behind the curtain".

I still have not been able to get the blogger video thingy to work so here's the You Tube one just in case.


What to do on your brofur's birthday

You know how Latte's always snivling about his pink shmousie? Well our good buddy Skeezix sent him a new pink mouse for his birthday last week. Now it can be confusing knowing what to do in this situation but the answer is truly simple. If he doesn't take it in run that means it is fair game for the rest of us. So he sniffed it, walked away and I went in for the kill. Ah....its good to be Big.


Tabby Tummy Tuesday

Hi there! Ah yes....a gooooodddd loooooonnnnggg stretch. Nice! Being a Big Man Cat I got to watch back to back football on Monday night. The Awesome Man and I sit on the couch and watch. The Woman likes it too but she's always covered in Kaze who isn't interested in TV. I like to watch TV but I would much rather just stretch out on the floor.


Man Cat Monday

I am a "Man's Cat Man Cat". All men think I'm cool. The Grandpaw told me I look like a tigger and he treats me with the manliness I exude. He's the AM's dad so it makes sens that he loves me too. He likes animals but only certain cats claim his heart and I'm very special that way. He came and visited for a bit after I'd been watching the humans painting the deck all day long on Saturday. It was boring but somecat had to keep the squirrels away so they didn't wreck the paint!


I smell nip!

Would this nose lie to you? My little brother Latte's been dealing the good stuff Internationally and I expect him to break it out for his little birthday party today. Yup....I know its here somewhere!!!!

This is an experienced sniffing nose. If there is nip within this house and out in the open I will find it. I will lick it, eat it, roll around in it, and get completely nipped out. I'm proud to say I'm a nip head.


Blogging Star Award

My dear friend Adan awarded me the Blogger Star award! How cool. I'm really very flattered, thanks Adan!

The award was created by a bean named Barb at Skittles' Place. Here's what Barb says about the award:
This award is for bloggers who shine their light throughout the Blogosphere. Some do it with humor, others with creativity, and others with their kind and thoughtful natures. We all know more than a few of them so why not give them some recognition?
She also says:
Here's what to do if you receive this:
Proudly display it on your blog along with a link to who gave it to you.
Mention that it originated here at Skittles' Place so I can follow its journey.
Pass it on to any blogger(s) you think should have it.

I think that Zippy, Speedy, and Sadie deserve this award. It was hard to pick just one but those three are such a wonderful example of good friends and how to get along with your siblings.

In other news....there really isn't too much to report really. I took over the Awesome Man's side of the couch so now he has to crowd the Woman. Hehehe!!! Other than that, lots of naps. Mmm..naps.....


Tabby Tuesday

One day I decided I wanted to fit under this cabinet. So I shoved my head under there and just sat there for a good 5 minutes. The Woman thought it was "classic Chase" so of course she got a picture. Its true though, I can do some pretty weird stuff that is really normal to me. The cabinet is now on the front porch so I'll miss it but now there is more room to play in the living room.

I'll admit I was the worst offender about snoopervising the painting. I'm pretty sure my paws would be brown right now if I wasn't in the cat room. Its OK though because I left a HUGE uncovered (of course) stink in the litterbox up there with Kaze and Latte locked in the room with me hehe.


Man Cat Monday

You know why I'm hitting the nip so hard?? Because I'm locked in a room with Kaze and Latte and we have to share this space forever it seems like. Eh, really I don't mind being in the guest room but Kaze and Latte are so ooglyeyed over knowing what is going on that they're freaking out. Well Kaze mainly. And by freaking out I mean trying to break out when the door opens. Little witch just scared the crap out of me playing in her tent......Anyway, yup there's paint, yup there were dusty paw marks on the new 'spensive couches so we're up here until the paint is "touchable". Then again tomorrow the trim has to be painted. I can't wait for this to be over as Kaze things I'm her attack toy.