The stand in Charmer

Here she is....my stand in Charmer. I treat her just as well as my real Charmers but she doesn't ever move or say anything to me. I like to do a purry dance on her leg while I get a little "frisky" at the same time. The Awesome Man doesn't like to see me do this so he yells at me. Hey, I'm a Man Cat, what do you expect??


Long Weekend Wrap Up

I hope you all had a great weekend and a long weekend for those of us in the States. Let see....first of all I couldn't blog at all. That made me growl and get cranky. I did go on a really nice long stroller ride (with Latte) down to the river and it was really warm and there were great smells and I saw lots of squirrels out there. Latte's kind of annoying walking back and forth where I just lie down and enjoy. At least Kaze doesn't come with us, I think I'd find a way to push her out because her screaming drives me crazy.

I got in some trouble Sunday night when Latte & Kaze got kicked out of the snuggle room. I decided I would do some snuggling so I woke up the Awesome Man and the Woman by purring in their necks and snuggling. This made the Awesome Man mad because he couldn't sleep as it was. Apparently I now have all of us locked out of their room tonight.

We had some visitors and they love me so that's cool. After they left I took a nap on the placemats on the dining room table. I didn't even get yelled at.

It was a very hairball filled weekend. I made sure the People were running around and cleaning up at least 1 pile of yakking every morning. Kaze even got one on the couch!

Busy! I'm glad to be back to normal.


Man Cat Monday

Pink is manly, right? I mean, Kaze got this snuggle in the mail from DKM. I know its called "The Kaze" but I think DKM made it for me. I can't stop snuggling on it and I sleep so soundly and deeply dreaming of my charmers. Plus its really roomy so I can fit lots of other snuggly cats. Since I won't be allowed to visit my friend's blogs today I invite you all to come snuggle with me!

As the Woman SUCKS!!!! I have to do a rushed version of the True Confessions Meme. Did I mention I HATE the Woman?

1. I have a favorite Charmer but I'm not saying who she is.

2. I am more playful than even little Miss Energizer Bunny Kaze. I keep going while she gets tired.

3. I have to eat random dust bunnies lying around. Its kind of like destroying the evidence.

4. OK, the Woman doesn't always suck. She feeds me and plays with me, and sometimes I nuzzle in her neck at night and drool and make biscuits. There was a time when she was actually my favorite human.

5. I like Massachusetts better than New Jersey. I was never scared of Thunderstorms there and I was an only-cat. Maybe that is why I really liked it.

6. Once when I stayed at the VET's place for a week (just boarding) they gave me an enima because I wouldn't go poo while I was in the cage. Hey, my poo stinks, I didn't want to be that close to it.

7. Once I had a pee accident on the rug. I walked into the living room and peed on the carpet in front of everyone. My litterbox was busted and the flap was on inside out. Serves them right.

I have to go now.....there is a Thunderstorm coming so I need to go hide behind the bathroom door.


In honor of Memorial Day

This is our Yacht Club down on the Delaware River. It is a public yacht club and anyone can go and sail and stuff. We walk by it in the stroller and its cool. The Riverton Yacht Club is the oldest on the Delaware River and the only one that can take a Steamer. Here it is all decked out in patriotic garb getting ready for the summer season. The Woman is scared to go out in most boats so she refuses to take sailing lessons. Next weekend is Victorian Day so I will try to get some more pictures of our town for you.


Comments on Kaze

Alright, the little rat has been around a while and I guess I should say she's better than she used to be. In fact, she's my favorite playmate in the whole house. Well maybe not over the Awesome Man but certainly Kaze is around more than him. I really laugh when she tries to be the dominant cat. I mean, its not going to happen because I'm the Big Man Cat and my fur is much thicker than hers so she doesn't really hurt me much. We play fast and hard and we run around a lot. She's cool for a sister I guess.

Today I even tolerated snuggling next to her while we were awake. She was purring and just flopped next to me. I gave her a sniff and then let her snuggle a bit.

So I guess in conclusion....I kind of like the little rat. Maybe next week she will do a tribute to me next week.


Thoroughbred Tuesday

Here is the problem child of the week. The news has been announced so I can finally tell everyone what is going on. Snap is moving to a new barn! Its happy and sad at the same time because the Woman is really close friends with her barn manager. They have been through a lot in the past 2 years and she's really sad to leave. The Woman and Snap are working really well together and are considering taking some steady lessons and maybe even do some shows. At the new place the horse VET lives there (he is married to the barn owner) but why you would want to be close to a VET I don't know. Maybe horses are just stupid? I mean, they let people ride them and all....

So now all is settled and she moves at the end of June. OK...so can I get back to my normal blogging now Woman? I mean....enough is enough. She promises to be more "normal" now.


Man Cat Monday

I'm back! Whew, what a boring week for me. The Woman has made her horse related decisions yet is still all uptight because she has to give someone some hard news tomorrow so she could use a few purrs if you could spare them. She is very nervous about a conversation she has to have this evening.

What's new with me? Well I had to supervise the laundry because the Woman likes to strip all of my fur from everything. The Awesome Man and the Woman spent a half an hour brushing me on Sunday and found that I just can't stop shedding. Apparently I have enough fur to make Kaze & Latte together. Other than that, I hung with the charmers and just took lots of naps. I'm glad to be back!


This is why I'm not in love with the Woman

She says she's going through a rough time right now and needs to take some time to make some important decisions regarding our BIG sister Snap (the horse). I told her she was being uncool not letting us visit all of our friends and she told me I was going to like her less when she told me I couldn't blog again until Monday.

Of course it is me who gets the short end of this stick. Why? Because I'm the most easy going. She takes me completely for granted.

So anyway, we're going to try to comment where we can but until Monday...I'm on a perpetual nap! Charmers, look out for your Man Cat teleporting over!


Terrified Tuesday

Yesterday I showed my manly side, today I'm showing my softer side. We had some thunderstorms roll in and the Woman wanted to show all of my friends how scared I get. Obviously one more reason the Woman is NOT my favorite. But being a Big Man Cat means showing your flaws too so here you go. Chase the Man Cat is scared of thunder.

First I start with my head in the corner.

Then I slink up the stairs and hide behind the bathroom door.


Man Cat Monday

Here I am giving the Woman "the eye". I hate when she brings that flashy thing out and I hate even more when she vacuums which she did for like 24 hours yesterday. She vacuumed all of my fur from the new couches and from the floor and everywhere I worked to put my fur. She also washed all of the cat beds and cleaned the kitchen and did that thing when they put water all over the floor with bubbles (what is that about anyway?). Sometimes its hard to be the Big Man Cat.


My new bed

One of my favorite tricks to freak the Woman out is to hide where she can't find me at all. Up until recently she knew all of my hiding spots. Then the other day I found a place where I didn't think she could find me. She keeps all of her gym and riding clothes under the bed in these plastic things. One day she forgot to cover the one she keeps her pants in. I nudged the top off all of the way and cozied myself right into the center of her comfy pants. Making sure I was shedding as much as possible, I rubbed my fur all over her velor and microfibre pants. I burrowed deeper and drifted to sleep making sure no other cat knew my secret location.

Sigh. 5 minutes and she found me. I don't know how but I guess she's getting more skilled at finding. I need to step up my game.


Seven Random Facts about me

I was tagged by my friend Icon Baxter Bentley

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. Despite having fallen out of a two story window right through the screen, I still love to sit in open windows.
2. There are two things in the world that scare me- Vacuums, and thunder storms.
3. I'm the stinky goodness clean up crew.
4. Because of #3, my poo is very stinky.
5. I don't talk much but when I do it is usually a "coo".
6. I love to snuggle and purr and burrow my head in a human's neck while I knead their armpit.
7. The red dot is the best game ever!

I tag....
1. Gracie
2. Bonnie
3. Eric & Flynn
4. Honey
5. Samantha
6. Prinnie & Ceasar
7. Oscar the Puppy Cat

(I have been informed by the Woman that since there are three of us we can all do the meme but to be fair to everyone the three of us are only allowed to tag 7 cats together. This time, I got to choose!)


Toes & Tail Tuesday

Here is a double shot of tails & toes. I like my toes because they are multicolored. The other cats in the house have solid color paws so that makes me even more special. I don't even mind getting a pawdicure...something that happened to all of us last night.


Man Cat Monday

Look familiar? That's because I'm still guarding MY jewels! I've taken "the look" to another level and am informing the Woman that these jewels have been promised to Charmers and she' better back off NOW!

Thanks to everyone for calling me the big hero with Latte. I do love the little guy and being the Big Man Cat of the house I have to take care of everyone. While I don't like to talk that much I had to tell the People that he was hurt and needed to go to the VET. Its just what I do.



I'm just too tired to blog today. The bachelor party was just amazing. We finally let Latte go to sleep and the Charmers and I kept partying until oh....I don't know when. All I know is I found one of the Woman's shoe boxes and I've wedged myself in and am going to pass out until the wedding tomorrow.....


Bachelor Party!

So, as I'm the best man for my brother Latte in his wedding on Saturday I have to throw the bachelor party. I mean, who better to be in charge of that than me? Well anyway, I've invited all of the Charmers over to hang out with the guys (nothing bad, just a hot group of girls!). I've lined up the Spirit of Philadelphia which is a cruise boat that goes up and down the Delaware River. There are all sorts of great things and I've made sure they stock their bar with niptinis and FRESH nip I've had imported straight from South America. There will be fresh tuna and even a pig roast. That means HAM!!! And for Latte, I have made sure he won't sleep the whole night! After the boat I figured we'd go into Old City and check out the historic buildings like Indepence Hall and the Liberty Bell since he's loosing all of that by getting married. But don't worry Chey, we'll take GOOD care of him and make sure nothing bad happens to the little guy.


I shall claim what is mine and take what I wish.

Bond....Chase Bond. I'm working on hypnotising the Woman so I can give her jewlery to the Charmers. I'm almost there. All that is in these four walls belongs to me and therefore the Woman must ASK to wear the sparkly dangly things.