The Woman got smart and locked me out of the painting room. She had the door open a crack and then I could just burst my way in. Sadly....no more. I never did put my nose in the paint but I bet I wouldn't like it too much. The room looks nice, it used to be a horrible peach and now it is "Dutch Tile Blue" which is a blue/grey. It is keeping me busy supervising outside the door, I have to wait to make sure she's still alive. I do that when they take showers too. I've been doing extra patrols looking for cat toys Kaze looses. Doesn't my tail look very "Man Cat"ish here??



Where else would you expect to find me? There were tons of great boxes but I decided this one was one of the best so I slept in it until it was collapsed and went away. Sadly it was not a box for me to keep.

I'm kind of in deep trouble with the Woman because I keep breaking into the room she's painting. She keeps yelling at me but I keep breaking in. I can't help my need to sniff everything!


I like the people

I'm starting to be able to appreciate the Woman. She was helping me blog last night and I was even rubbing on her and purring. She's OK and she's hanging around a lot and gives me special treats. We got tuna flakes in our stocking and they taste SO good! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb haven't figured out how tasty they are so they are ALL MINE. Hahah!!!!!!! Plus there are awesome toys around and I've even been playing with Kaze's prized wand toy. I am big cat on campus so I get to do what I want!


Really, why?

Why do I live with two younger cats? They're just insane. They were trying to "help" unwrap presents when all they were doing was causing trouble. I just liked watching the people be happy. The Awesome man seemed happy with the stuff that came in the boxes so that was nice. Latte claimed a box for himself and I tried it out, it was roomy enough for even me! I tried to wake the Awesome man up for work this morning but it didn't work, he just pushed me off the bed. Apparently he has an extra day off and would like to sleep in.

Oh, I almost forgot my present to the Woman. I blew watery chunks all over the kitchen table so she had to clean that up first thing Christmas morning. She didn't even tell the Awesome man because he would have been MAD!!!


Chase the Snowcat

Chase the Snowcat
Was a jolly happy feline
With a Temp-tay-shuns nose and a wand toy tail
And two ears made out of sparkle balls
Chase the Snowcat
Is a fairytale they say
He was made of snow
But the bloggers know
How he came to life one day

There must have been some magic
In that old Riverton house
For when they moved him in there
He began to dance around
Chase the Snowcat
Was as frisky as he could be
And the bloggers say
He could purr and play
Just the same as you and me
Chase the Snowcat
Knew the sun was hot that day
So he said let's snuggle
And we'll have some fun
Now before I melt away

Down to the living room
With a nip toy in his mouth
Running here and there all around the tree
Saying catch me if you can

He led them down the halls of the house
Right to the Awesome Man
And he only paused a moment when
He heard him holler "Chase!"

Chase the Snowcat
Had to hurry on his way
But he'd have a bite
Saying don't you cry
I'll be back again tomorrow
Thumpety thump thump
Thumpety thump thump
Look at Chase run
Thumpety thump thump
Thumpety thump thump
Over the stair chase!



I'm cranky. I don't want either of those young cats near me. Even Latte. I'm hissy and growly and I'd really like my personal space. The Awesome Man yelled at me when I hissed at Latte because all Latte was doing was trying to snuggle. Apparently my hissing did not scare him so the Awesome Man yelled at me and then I had to get up and go find another comfy spot. Sometimes I just want my personal space. I know I have soft fur but its MINE and I don't need to share with those who have less fur if I don't want to. But I'm certainly willing to snuggle with any hot babes out there who might need a nice warm guy like me!


Stupid Names

Do your people call you stupid names? The following are a list of SOME of the names I get called. Stupid people.

1. Stinky Minky or Mink-Mink
2. Rat Fink
3. Chase Face Amylase (this is SO embarassing)
4. Big Guy
5. Squirrel Rat
6. Binky
7. Tub-tub
8. Mink-a-link
9. Lazy (not sure that's a name but they use it a lot while talking about me)
10. Lard Butt (NOT cool!)


Oh the Glorious Awesome Man

Just a reminder to Kaze & Latte: He is certainly fun, but he's MY person! Yet he spent time playing with the young ones last night. He played with me first and I did my patented purr/bite/bunny kick thing we do. He also taps me on the head and I stand up on my hind feet and try to lunge at him. He has trained me to be a vishus attack cat but only to him. He proved his point to the Woman when he lifted his sleeve and I went crazy and tried to bite him. He laughed and said that "raw flesh" makes me crazy. (Don't worry though, its only him I want to bite and only in a playful way.) The base of my tail gets all poofy when we play because I'm deliriously happy because I luff him. And then, even though I was giving myself a bath and kept him awake, I still got to be the only cat in the snuggle room. Yup....he makes me all tingly and happy feeling.

Oh, I also terrorized Kaze for a while by chasing her around. She said she wanted to play! I'm much bigger than she is so I get to say when we're done playing. Plus, Latte was torturing her too.


I'm done!

I'm done with my horrible nasty flavored crap and I'm feeling perfectly well so I don't have to have any more!! I've been so frisky and playful, feeling like my old self again.

The Woman was decorating cookies on Saturday and I know better than to get in her way (all hell breaks loose). Of course the young ones have not learned this lesson yet and both of them caused trouble in their own ways. Kaze decided she wanted to lick one of the cookies because...well I don't know why, she's just weird. And Latte leapt onto the table and landed ON the cookies and the Woman did a whole huge freak out thing and Latte went to hide. I watched form a safe distance. Hehehe. Then I got Temp-tay-shuns because I'm a good kitty.

I haven't been sleeping with the People too much because they're too warm sometimes. I did smurgle into the Awesome Man's neck while he was trying to read. He hates that. For one thing he can't read, then he can't swallow, and then he can't breath. But he lets me 'cause he's awesome.


Sleeping is my favorite thing to do

I think I'm pretty good at sleeping, I find the best spots and claim them for a long time. The younger cats got kicked out of the snuggle room quite early last night but the Woman actually called me to come in with them. So I got locked in there for a few hours which was nice. But then I of course wanted to get out. I had to thump-thump-thump at the door to wake her up. See, my favorite spot to sleep at night and into the morning is this here bed. Its on top of a plastic set of drawers which is quite "tacky" according to the people. I say it fits perfectly under the window sill. On top is the least nicest bed in the house. One of those flat as a pancake ones you can find for $7.99. BUT on top of that is a really nice snuggle pad my Auntie Jane made just for me. Now don't be scared little ones but it does have Moose on it. But they are just pictures, so not to worry. Also, I was sure to spray it with Rocky & Mao's Vishus Deer stuff first. I find it also keeps the younger juicier cats away so I can nap under the nice morning sun in peace.


Snuggling is nice until....

The Woman kept staring and me and Latte while we were "spooning" (as she called it). I love the little guy and he's quit snuggly. We must have been snoozing for about an hour and she kept commenting on how sweet we looked. I just squeeze my eyes tighter and try to block her out of my head. Latte was just passed out. So we're all nice and cozy until.....

Kaze. Attack of the killer Kaze. Man that cat drives me crazy. She's always trying to bite attack me because she's jealous of my time with Latte and how I'm just not that into her. I mean, she's a frootbat- just not my bag baby! So she jumps up and tries to snuggle. Of course she weighs like a ton (I really think she's packing on the pounds...just my opinion) and lands on top of me. In under 10 seconds I'm up and gone. I feel bad for Latte who's always stuck in the middle but I just can't handle that creature for too long.



I love the holidays. I love all of the toys that appear in the living room and the huge bowl of pine water for us to drink. My favorite new thing this year is the flashy-light! Not the one on the picture box, the one the Awesome Man uses to check the level of the pine water. He is really good at making sure we have lots of pine water to drink from every morning and night. Since SOMECAT (Kaze or Latte!!) broke the lamp in the living room, the people can't see the water level all that easily.

The flashy-light is a lot like the Red Dot (I have figured out the secret of the red dot by the way!!!) but yellow and wider. So I chased after it for a while, smacked at it with my front paws. I'm feeling so frisky now that I'm getting better. Kaze the dope doesn't get the flashy-light and Latte knows to let me play with it first. The Awesome Man was late to work because he played with me. Hence why I call him the Awesome Man- always putting my needs first!


Tummy Tuesday

Here you can see the glory of my belly. Its hot, I know it. How can you resist kissing that belly? You can't. Whenever I want some attention I lie like this, or sometimes curl my paws and twist. The people go CRAZY for me. I like to like on my back a lot, its really comfy. Purrs ladies!!


Great News!!!!!

I'm feeling SO much better!!! All of you praying for me must have helped because when the people came home on Friday I was almost all better! Even my Grandpaw (and he isn't a cat lover) was VERY worried about me and that makes me feel very loved.

I've only experienced a few sneezing sessions and I've been running around playing with Kaze and Latte. I feel so much more energetic and happy! So I don't have the pneumonia, I just had a very nasty URI that made me sound funny when I was sneezing. Zithromax is good stuff but I guess you just need to let it take effect and on the 5th day it did. I was really feeling like crap.

The tree went up this weekend. I love the tree, its pretty and bright and there are ribbons to play with. The Woman played with me for a while with a cool thin ribbon. Then the Awesome Man danced with me. I napped while I watched them decorate the tree. It was a fabulous weekend!


I know I complain....

I know I often complain about the younger cats in the house but I must confess I truly do love Latte. He's very small and very snuggly. I've taken care of him since he was tiny and he has always adored me. We snuggle all of the time and we are really good at wrestling (fair!). It is Kaze that isn't exactly my best friend, she's a little devil. Latte is being a good nurse to me while I'm sick. He sleeps on top of Kaze with the people but he does get up and check on me in the night. He keeps me snuggly and warm during the day too. I love that little guy.

The VET just called the Woman about Latte (see his blog for that info) and she told him I'm still not better. He thinks I could have pneumonia but as long as I'm eating/drinking/fairly active its up to the people to decide if I need a chest x-ray. The Awesome Man (who I trust completely) wants to wait through the weekend and give the antibiotic more of a chance to work its magic and see how I am on Monday.


Visit with the Calico Girls

Yesterday Kaze and I went over to the Calico Girls and had some fun snuggling. Well I snuggled and Kaze played on their 7 layer cat tree. I didn't think I could get her to come home. Those girls over there are HOT. I mean they're like models or something. Hopefully they'll invite me over again soon!

I'm still chillin' while I'm illin'. Lots of naps and love from the people. Kaze of course sees me as an inanimate object to be pounced on. I really really hate her sometimes.

The Awesome Man told the woman to Nip me out so I'd feel better. I didn't get a very good high, I think its time to break out the new nip, that stuff must be old. Usually this is how I react to nip, I go CRAZY!



Now I'm sure most of you know how wonderful boxes can be. I know Rascal does box reports that are very informative!

I want to tell you about the sad loss of my humidifier box. Last night at approximately 10:52pm a fatal structural failiure afflicted my humidifier box and it collapsed in upon itself with me still on it. I hadn't know the humidifier box all that long, I guess about a week but it was a bright colorful big box that I really liked to sleep on. In fact, the Woman (in that she is always trying to win my affection) put a snuggle pad on it so I'd be warm and comfy. Sadly the box's failure did startle me so I felt it necessary to jump 3 feet in the air. Directly up. After the box's failure the Awesome Man took it out for recylcing. Farewell sweet box. Farewell.

Update on my health: I think the shrooms are actually doing something. My eyes are brighter and I'm more active. It could be the antibiotics too but the Woman thinks such a rapid response is most likely from the immune system booster (the shrooms). I'm still a terror to medicate but the shrooms don't taste that bad, its the horrible sticky cherry flavored stuff I fight so hard. I'm still having horrible sneezing fits but there is nothing else to be done, they already take me into the shower room with them, for what I don't know!


While I'm resting I'll tell you a tale

Here's a Tigger Tummy Tuesday Picture of me.

Still sick and the shrooms didn't do anything fun. It takes the Awesome Man and the Woman to hold me down and give me meds. I'm really strong. But while I'm resting I figured I'd tell you of my adventure with the window. I know I promised it a while ago when blogger ate it.

One fine summer day I was sitting on a window sill with just a screen between me and the chirpies. Our appartment was on the second story so I had a great view. I really like chirpies and they like to torment me. Suddenly one swooped at me! I HAD to go after it!

Suddenly I was flying through the air and then UMPH!! I hit the ground. I was a little shocked and dazed. One of my fangs hurt and I was very sore. I looked around and flattened myself to the ground because I was Out of Doors and I didn't go out there. I looked around and didn't see anything I recognized. I looked up and saw the open window but I couldn't get back up there. I was home alone and who knew when the woman would ever come home.

I saw a small line of woods and decided to go hide until I could think about what to do. I sat right on the edge of the woods and thought about being a tough cat and taking care of myself.

After an eternity (I don't really know how long) I heard the woman calling for me. I couldn't see her but I heard her in the appartment. Suddenly she burst out the back door and found the screen I had flown down with (it had paw prints on it). She started frantically calling my name and I could tell she was scared. Then she spotted me in the woods. I called out to her and ran over because while she wasn't the Awesome Man, she certainly does love me.

Then she took me to the VET's. I know, great way to end the story, right? I have a chipped fang which I think makes me look tough. I had some swelling and bruises but I was just fine.

I still try to go after chirpies so the Woman doesn't let us sit in open windows unless she is around. No fun.


Still sick

Everyone focused on Latte for a while and forgot me. Big surprise. Stupid little meezer is so "cute" and they always worry about him and his health but not me. I'm a tough guy so I don't get slowed down by much and I don't like to complain. I'm sorry, I'm very sick. I'm having trouble breathing and I have these horrible sneezing fits where I can't really catch my breath. If you listen to my nose you can hear I'm all stuffy. Sure, I'm still eating and still acting mostly normal, but that's because I'm a tough big man cat. I told the Woman this morning she had better call the freaking VET.

She did. She's pretty good to me in those ways. My vet #1 is out on Monday's and vet #2 wasn't their either. The tech talked to the ho-llis-tic VET (that sounds really weird!) and he's really super duper good with this stuff and they're switching my antibiotics to that heafty zithromax stuff and an immune system booster. The Woman is thinking she really likes the ho-llis-tic vet, he's really smart with this herpes stuff.

Update: Dude!! The VET is forcing me to drink MUSHROOMS! Do you think they'll make me see some cool shapes and colors? He says it is to help my immune system- it is called "Maitake" and its a Japanesse mushroom. Good Shrooms

And I get zithromax too. Fun.


Why me?

Apparently the torture of the VET wasn't enough and I have to be torchered with gunky stuff. First, the antibiotic. Ick. Then the Awesome Man brought me "Cat Lax" which is supposed to help me with hair balls. And if that wasn't enough......he put gel on my teeth. I mean, when does this end?

I'm still sick but I'm sneezing a little less. I think the antibiotic is helping. That's good because I hate the sneezing thing. Oh, and Kaze has decided she likes my Awesome Man. Well if she thinks she can win him, she's in for a battle.