Oh the Glorious Awesome Man

Just a reminder to Kaze & Latte: He is certainly fun, but he's MY person! Yet he spent time playing with the young ones last night. He played with me first and I did my patented purr/bite/bunny kick thing we do. He also taps me on the head and I stand up on my hind feet and try to lunge at him. He has trained me to be a vishus attack cat but only to him. He proved his point to the Woman when he lifted his sleeve and I went crazy and tried to bite him. He laughed and said that "raw flesh" makes me crazy. (Don't worry though, its only him I want to bite and only in a playful way.) The base of my tail gets all poofy when we play because I'm deliriously happy because I luff him. And then, even though I was giving myself a bath and kept him awake, I still got to be the only cat in the snuggle room. Yup....he makes me all tingly and happy feeling.

Oh, I also terrorized Kaze for a while by chasing her around. She said she wanted to play! I'm much bigger than she is so I get to say when we're done playing. Plus, Latte was torturing her too.


Gemini said...

Oh Chase, you are such a furry lucky cat to have the Awesome Man. He sounds like lotsa fun for you.

Merlin said...

I am glad you have your Awesome Man, that's really cool. I don't get to play with my Daddy furry much. Also, good work on terrorizing Kaze. When my little brother comes I might need advice on how to do that!



U R 1 furry lucky kitty!
AND furry handsome 2!!


Anonymous said...

that sounds like my relationship with the Blonde Girl - I like to play rough!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Sounds like you had a great time!