May the Frisk Be with You.

As you might all guess, I generally like to do two things in life: Sleep & Eat.  Ever since my Empress sent me my birthday package I realized that at age 8 its time for me to either completely retire and sleep more (if that's possible) or go through a mid-life crisis.

I've chosen mid-life crisis.  First up- exercise.  Wand toys, chasing Kaze, biting my Tall Man, these are things I'm doing to keep up my speed and agility.  Kaze's actually hiding because she's so tired, I've out toy hogged Latte, and my Tall Man's ankles are being nipped at again for the first time in years.  

I'm not sure where all of this is taking me but I'm a young Man Cat and I'm going to prove it.  I'm sick of being called "turkey".  Sure I coo when I'm content but I am NOT a turkey.  


Tummy Tuesday


Here's a great example of how manly my tummy is. I've been really playful recently, must be Spring! I've even been keeping up with Kaze....well kind of.

Psst....there is a rumor that kitten pictures have been located. I mean tiny kitten pictures of this very Big Man Cat. Hmm...we'll see if they get leaked to the press.


Man Cat Monday


See I'm still fierce and active.  I just only get active when there is a reason to be active.  Like this package from my very HOT Charmer Empress.  Gosh she's a looker, she's my newest Charmer and is very welcome to the group with some wonderful company of other hot lady cats.  Empress sent me a package for my birthday which was sweet because the Awesome Man completely forgot and my Woman....we all know how useful she is (NOT).  So I got some great toys and a card and some of my favorite Temptations.  


Six Word Meme

Princess and Eric & Flynn tagged me for the six word meme.  I'm HORRIBLE with memes these days so I figured I'd get better and man-up here.

Here are the rules:
1) Write your own six word memoir.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5) Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.
6) Have fun!!

Let annoyed sleeping man cats lie.



Questions from yesterday

My Woman is lazy and therefore doesn't clean up.  The little tupperware thing used to have fishy flakes in it.  I don't want to even try to think about how long ago that was.  

The plate used to have a plant on it that the Woman killed because she can't remember to water things.

The flag goes on the outside of our house for the 4th of July and other than that stays in this corner.

And the paper was a coupon Ann Taylor where my Woman likes to waste our green papers.

I chose to nap around the stuff because really there aren't that many better surfaces out on the porch.

Oh and today my Awesome Man turns 28.  He hates big deals made so I'll leave it to the girl of the house to do that.    


Ticked off Tuesday

Stupid Awesome Man is all obsessed with his new bike the Woman got him for his birthday (which is Thursday).  And he doesn't want me near it!!  I guess he does have a point after what I did to his old bike when it was brand new.  I may have chewed on the shifters and left big Chase bite marks on them as well as the handle bars.  OK, so I made the whole thing look like swiss cheese but hey, he was ignoring me!  I guess this might be the reason he's storing the bike in the dungeon so I can't get to it.  


Man Cat Monday- I'm back!


I'm back!  Finally after a completely neglectful week I moved into a neglectful weekend.  Finally today is Monday and the world is back to normal.  

Do you want to know how horribly I was treated this past week?  I'm not sure you do.  First of all you all know that I was unable to visit any friends last week but then.....THEN!!!  I was locked in the sleeping room for 12 hours.  TWELVE HOURS!!!!!  I'm sorry, how could the Awesome Man not see me?  He checks every day usually.  Those humans are completely lucky that I'm a good cat- a VERY good cat.  I did not pee or poo anywhere in that room.  I just waited patiently until he got home and then I left a STINKY poo in the litter box.  

Please someone call the ASPCA!!!

(I will be visiting today!!)


Twosome Tuesday

She caught me deeply sleeping otherwise I would have moved.  But you'll notice I've only allowed her on my back end.  

On the plus side Blogger for the first time in 2 months actually allowed us to upload more than one picture.  Amazing.  On the negative side, the Woman is selling her wares this week and thus will not be around to blog.  However comments are much appreciated to make her DULL day at the trade show more interesting.  She promises that next week blogging will be more normal since this show will be over.


Man Cat Monday


Fresh air!  I was thrilled for about 30 seconds and then I spent the rest of my weekend sleeping.  Lots of nice naps.  Oh, and I did snuggle with the Woman on Sunday morning- I even nuzzled in her neck and purred.  But then my Awesome Man woke up so I went over to him for some front-hugs and tail-poof.


If I told you where the Woman went today

If I told you where the Woman went today I'm not sure you'd believe me. She went on a TOUR of the VET's office???!! Who goes on a TOUR of that place??? She said her day hunting place might be doing some work for the VET's office so they had to go look at the building and the rooms and stuff. I can't believe she made it out alive to tell the story- you get lost in that place.

And then she talked to the two VET men for like an hour. What could you possibly have to say to one of those torture people???!! Further proof that the Woman is out of her little human mind. She found out that our favorite vet used to run restaurants. And I trust this man with my life? I mean, I know he saved Latte's life twice so I guess he must know what he's doing.

She'd better not try to bring me along for "fun". They know I'm a confirmed pooper so I don't think they want me around there. Still it just boggles my mind.......


Getting the weekend started early

Its been a long week in our house and at 6am the computers from work called my Awesome Man and he had to get up and go into work 2 hours before usual. So we're all a little messed up and cranky today. I've decided the best thing for me to do is start the weekend early with the comics. I'm sure Get Fuzzy will cheer me up. See you all Monday.


Tabby Tuesday


I hear a lot of your humans think I'm handsome (of course).  So here's a little eye candy for all of my Charmers and those humans who think I'm so handsome.


Man Cat Monday


Do you see where I am???!! I'm on the back deck. That's right- Out of Doors! The AM decided that I was too furry to brush inside so they took me on the deck. I used to be able to fit through the rungs of the deck and I'm not really sure why I can't anymore. The Woman said it had something to do with my "not fitting in a speedo" thing that the VET said to me last time I was there.

But hey, if you happen to see a very large cloud of Chase fur floating by your house that wouldn't surprise me. I think its hovering somewhere over the mid-west right about now.

Woman: You totally forgot today was my "birthday". I hate you even more now. Snap's going to kick you tonight as its her actual birthday.




Um....hello intruder cat. What exactly do you think you're doing in MY neighborhood? I see you out there all takin' charge but if I could get out there I'd show you who's really in charge of our street! I'm sick and tired of you hanging out under our front porch and taunting me by chasing squirrels.


As many of you guessed


This  is more of an example of my real feelings on Tuesday.  Kaze decided she wanted to snuggle but I don't trust her.  I never trust her.  I kept my paw on her and flattened my ears back.  Every now and then she tries to snuggle me and she always gets the same response- I don't think so!


Wordless Wednesday


That's better!  Anyone who believed me yesterday... please rethink.  That picture lasted for about 30 seconds.  As you all know, Latte is my snuggle friend.