Happy Happy!


This is my idea of heaven.  Snuggling with my favorite cat friend and wrapping my arm around her in a loving way.  We'll just sleep like this for hours.  The only thing that could make this better would be the Woman hugging us really hard for a really long time.  Yup, these are the things that make me happy!


Man Cat Monday


I'm trying EVERY angle with the Woman to get her back in front of the blogging computer- where she belongs.  I've even taken to *gasp* snuggling with her and purring.  Hey, I have to try everything I can.  It seems that this week should be easier on her but I just don't buy it.  I just can't trust that human.  I do feel my niceness has been noticed though as I've been allowed in the snuggle room all night long without the meezers.  Thats nice.


Long Ago...

This used to be my kitten. I can't really understand why we ever needed to add Kaze to the fray. But as you can tell, after a week with my little Latte I was already taking care of him.


Old School

Lets take a trip down memory lane as my Woman takes her job more seriously than she takes me. Even with threats of poop on her pillow. At least she's training someone to take over half of her duties today. So since my Empress so lovely demanded a photo of me (thank you!!) we shall go back to 2006 for this photo op.


Wordless Wednesday

(Anyone know what the second word is on the box? The one that I'm blocking?
Yeah, my beautiful Charmer Gracie guessed correctly! Barrel is the second word and I do not like being compared to a barrel.)


Twosome Tuesday

This little guy is always following me around and snuggling with me. He thinks he's tiny enough to be invisinible but he's not. He's actually pretty annoying. He's also getting a little full of himself- he ate my yak! I mean, how wrong is that????


Man Cat Monday

As the Big Man Cat I get to investigate stuff first.  This is a rubber band.  (Fear not, the Woman supervised and took it away after this. )  I tried to eat this thing and of course the little wite rat came over and tried to take it for her own.  She's so freaking snoopy and nosey.  She thinks she has to be involved in everything.  Anyhow, here you can see how much bigger I am than her.  Hehe  



Now I know that you're probably thinking my ridiculous Woman put me up to this.  You'd be wrong as the Awesome Man thought it would be funny to try to balance a pillow on my back.  This however makes no sense as my back is NOT a table or a flat surface.  He laughed while I glared at him.  Actually I didn't care- he was touching me so I purred.  

I'm not going to say I'm sorry about not visiting as much as I would like.  If I said I was sorry I would never stop apologizing because it just never seems to get to where I would like.  So it is what it is for the time being and I hope you all realize that I'm reading up on everyone but I just can't make it around like I used to.  


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I whispered to Latte yesterday about getting back at the Woman

1.  To get revenge on the Woman you must do something totally out of the ordinary she can't possibly blame you.
2.  Choose something really important to her to exact your revenge.  When I was a kitten I chewed the AM's speaker and got in SERIOUS trouble.  It was worth it as he was the NOT so Awesome Man then.
3.  Give her blinky eyes and purr at her.  That always works as she'll feel really guilty.
4.  Yakk somewhere in her path.  Especially a nice wet one.
5.  Place poo about the house in areas like the dinning room and hallway.
6.  Lie on her work clothes and really shed a lot.
7.  Chew on wires at 3am.  This one may get you kicked out of the snuggle room but if it does be sure to hide under the bed so she spends 15 minutes getting you out.
8.  Act sick.  But not too sick- you don't want to have to go to the VET, just sick enough so that guilt kicks in.
9.  Leave the most rank poo.  There is no way she can ignore you then.
10.  Put the bitey on her ankle when she goes to take a shower.  Make sure you run up really fast- bite- then run away.
11.  Scream at the walls like they're crawling with bugs.  This one serves two purposes- makes her move and hopefully wake up AND gets her scared of what she will find.
12.  Put your poop hole on her pillow and drag it around a bit.
13.  Pretend that you want to snuggle and dig around and around and around, circle, sniff, work really hard at it until Kaze leaves and then you leave too.  Then there are no cats in her lap.
Anycats feel free to use these techniques as you see fit!


Tabby Tailsday

Aren't my furs nice and shiny? The VET people even said so last week. I keep forgetting to tell everyone that the VET lady I saw about my ear problem had actually just been to a conference on feline ears. The guy who was teaching it actually told all of the VETs who were there that there is no point in cleaning out waxy ears. If a cat has waxy ears (like me) you should just let us be and not worry about cleaning them-its actually healthier that way. The Woman was sure happy to hear she didn't have to clean my ears and I am too. I hate those pointy cotton sticks. So those of you with waxy ears tell your humans to leave your ears alone.


Man Cat Monday

I hear Latte's been saying that I don't think he's a Man Cat. Well he's certainly not a Big Man Cat, I think you can clearly see that here. The little guy is cute and tiny and I don't think he could be a Big Man Cat even if he tried. He squeaks instead of yowls (Hey, I may meew on my way to the VET but that's all out warfare- I try everything), he is so freaking fragile, and he likes the Woman. Real Man Cats do not like the Woman more than the Awesome Man. That's just crazy. And he likes to snuggle with Kaze. Plus there is only room for one Man Cat in this house and that would be yours truly.

Friends I'm so sorry I haven't commented much. The Woman kept promising "tomorrow" everyday last week. We are following everything, but commenting should resume hopefully this week.

Oh, Happy 10 years together Awesome Man and Woman. I'm happy to say I've lived with you for 8 of them.


Thanks but no

Dear Woman,

I heard you on the phone. I heard you say "cat" "ear" "Chase" "Dr" "tomorrow at 11:40". These things together spell trouble. Yeah my ear is crooked and redish- what of it? No don't touch it!! Stop it, I don't want you looking in there!!!

Its certainly no reason to take me to the stabby place. I swear, if they try to steal my blood I'm saving my poop that I usually give them and pooping on you! And yes, you'd better make sure my Awesome Man is there or I'm going to be BAD. Hissy bad. Growly bad.

So yeah, my day: not going so well. I just know I'll have to have those horrible drop things in my ears and I hate that. They drip and itch and are yucky. Oh and Woman, if you'd clean my ears more often maybe this wouldn't happen? You know I have waxy ears. How about we make it a weekly thing instead of once a monthish?

Thank You,

***Revised Letter to Woman****

Dear Woman,

Did you not hear my pathetic yet manly mews in the car? Did I not tell you I was FINE?? I do thank you for making sure my Awesome Man was there for me. His presence did make me a bit happier. Now about this PTU thing: I'm not coming out, ever. You have to take the top off or good luck!

Did I not tell you I was FINE?! I told you I was fine and nothing was wrong. What did the VET lady say? That's right, she said I'm fine and nothing is wrong. But I did get gaggy pills and anitbiotics. Great....see what this got me??

And they told me I wouldn't fit into a Speedo!!??? If I knew what that was I'd be offended.

Thank you for returning me promptly to my PTU with KAZE'S PINK SNUGGLE inside. There were comments made. Many comments.



Ticked on Thursday


Gee, can any guess why I'm ticked on this thursday?? Sorry no prizes for this winner.


Wordless Wednesday

Queen Snickers and Empress win! And Chey and Gemini are 2nd place by 1 minutes so we'll send them a little something special too because we're feeling generous today :).

This is in fact George Washington's Camp at Valley Forge, PA. Wow, what a beautiful site! The Woman is now dead set on taking our horsie out there to go investigate. Talk about vishus deer......there is a herd there that lets you practically pet them!


What the....

Woman, I know you're insane.  I know you just defy the laws of reasonable humans but this goes to far.  Do you realize that its ridiculously windy out there and POURING rain?  Oh yes I see that the daffodils are poking there greens above the ground but I wouldn't venture out there to see them- they're green.  There are no flowers yet.  Just when I start to think she might have some merit I see her do something silly.


Man Cat Monday

We got out on the sun porch this weekend.  It was POURING rain on Saturday with crazy crazy wind so it was really nice to sit out the front porch with the AM & the Woman.  Of course she brought the flashy box to catch my handsomeness.  I found this most pleasing so I allowed her to take pictures of me.  I think she does have a talent for catching my handsome sides.  But don't tell her I said that.


Here's looking at you...

The Woman's useless and of course I suffer. At least I had her go dig out a handsome picture of me. Sigh...


Humans...odd animals

The Woman was making diner last night and during her slicing of the avacado managed to slice her finger open. Thoughts of Derby's mom's finger flashed through her mind as she oozed blood and told the Awesome Man this was "a 100% EMERGENCY get off the phone!". Whimpering Woman than cried and applied pressure while the Awesome Man rolled his eyes (he was a life guard for years). Being the Woman, she freaked out and made the AM take her to the ER. In the hospital they've never been too (well the AM was actually born there 28 years ago).

They had no idea where the hospital was. They've lived in this town for 3 years. The AM grew up in this town. There really is no excuse for this....

So I know you all think I'm being insensitive to the Woman but you know what they did to her at the ER? Gave her some ointment and a band-aide. And a tetnus shot. Once she got past the front desk she was there for 10 minutes.

Hhahahaahahahahahhaaaaaa! The AM is so embarrassed about the experience he won't even tell anyone they had to go to the ER.


Tabby Tuesday

I'm not your average tabby as you can see. First of all, I have a white belly and 4 white paws. Secondly, I have more of a marbled coat than stripped though my tail and front legs have stripes. My furs have three colors on them- black, brown, and tan. This means that every single fur can be seen on every single bean color clothing. Plus I'm very "plush" and my fur is more medium than short length so you can see a single hair of mine from quite a distance. Remind the Woman to vacuum the couch arms if you're coming to visit or you'll be covered in my fur.

Please cast your vote at the Spring has Sprung contest!


Man Cat Monday

Do you know what my Awesome Man did to me? He kicked me in the head! Now he swears it was an accident but it was SO rude. I was just trying to rub on him and give him some love and he moved away and clocked me in the head! Well I showed him, if he doesn't want to take my love, I can just give it to the Woman. She will always let me rub on her and acts like its such a big deal. I should probably be a bit nicer to her in general.