Farewell Friday

Come visit me from now on at the Cats P.

I would like to dedicate my final post to my lovely Charmer Bonnie who crossed to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

The Woman took this picture a few months back right on our front porch. All three of us were out there with her and were enjoying the early Spring air and shower. The fresh sniffs of the wet ground and the daffodils poking their heads out of the ground. All of a sudden this amazing rainbow showed up right outside our window. (Even more amazing the Woman was able to capture it).

For a brief moment we all looked out the window and listened to the rain and stared at the beauty in front of our small corner of this planet. I know that so many of our friends are at the Bridge looking over us. I think this moment sums up my feelings on life- it is fleeting and beautiful but the memory never fades. I'll see you someday my Bonnie and while I never met you in life I'll know you immediately at the Bridge.

All of my Charmers are special to me (truly, you all have such amazing qualities) but Bonnie was one of the originals, in fact one of 2 who inspired me to start the Charmers. I will never forget her. Because of her my Woman discovered Celiac's Disease which was making her so unhealthy and miserable without knowing what was wrong. Bonnie's mom told her about it and for that we are all eternally grateful. Bonnie changed all of our lives.


Today I lost a very special friend, the well adored Bonnie. One of my most devoted Charmers has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I am beyond sad about this loss. Everyone please purr for her safe crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. We had so much in common and I admired her spunk and spirit. Sleep well sweetest princess.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I will miss about blogging by myself...especially since this is my 400th post.

1. Personal space. Meezers do not respect space.
2. Private time with my Charmers. Ladies, expect more visits!
3. Less pictures of my handsome self. Who wants to see meezers? (Oh crap, Chey's going to beat me up now.)
4. My Man Cat friends will think I'm not manly enough to have kept my own blog. Especially Rocky.


****Urgent Purrs needed for Bonnie***** She was not feeling well and has been rushed to the emergency vet. Please purr for my very special Charmer!!!


DKM Snuggle

DKM totally surprised me and sent me a snuggle of my very own! I feel so special. She put some totally primo nip inside and I was quick to devour all of that. Now I have my own snuggle to lie on that covers my tuffet on the couch. The humans get a little annoyed at all of my fur on the couches so now they can't get mad and I'm even more comfortable!

Don't forget my new blog home as of next Monday.....The Cats P


Man Cat Monday

This week we're going to transition over to our new blog The Cats P. This week we'll be doing dual posts and by next Monday I'll be seeing you over there. Its been an amazing solo run but its time to share. Mondays are MINE of course.

Talk about bad weekend. The woman freshly cleaned out the boxes so I went in to poo. Well I kind of had the stinky squirts. So she cleaned that out again and about 10 minutes later she was upstairs cleaning and smelled my squirts. She went sniffing around and found that I must have had them stuck in a hind paw because I had tracked poo EVERYWHERE. This was not a good time for this as my Awesome Man was in a cranky mood. He told her some mean things about me and I ended up on the back deck having my paw bathed while I was held down. Then the Woman had to go over to Gamma's house and get the giant carpet cleaner thing and then all of our carpets got all wet. Oh, and my AM is still cranky so really, it could have been a much better weekend.


High Five Friday


Yeah Man!! Its the weekend!!! Lets party like we never napped before. Naps are SO tiring aren't they?

P.S. Please visit Kaze's post



Is there anything better than a good banana-nip-fest? Perhaps hiding in the sleeping room when the humans go to work. I really would much rather be behind the closed door (even with lack of food/water/litterbox) if it means I can get away from the meezer brats. I can only scare the poo out of Kaze a couple of times a day and I can't really get a good nap with her around.


Man Cat Monday

Part of being so many is being so fierce. This means I have to practice really hard with my Awesome Man at my speedy fighting skills. He's really good at the Bite Game. He puts his hand on my head and I have to try and wriggle around to bite him. One of these days I'm going to win. Never mind its been 8 years I've been trying. Usually I can snag a tooth every now and then but generally I have to run after him and nip his heels on his way o the shower.


Fierce Friday

Watch out Awesome Man, I'm gonna get you!!! Do you like my mouth splotch? Its like a beauty mark on the top of my mouth.


When I was a kitten

As I've mentioned in the past, I came to live with my family when I was 6 months old. Therefore, how do we have 3 month old kitten pictures of me? Well my first Woman thought she'd be nice and mailed us these pictures of me to the Woman. Wasn't that nice of her? She was allergic to me so she had to find me a new home.

Did you know my Woman is also allergic to cats? She's allergic to pretty much everything so when the doctor told her she shouldn't let us sleep with her she just laughed in his face. She said she'd be much more miserable without us in bed. The Woman grew up in a house where her mom was allergic to cats conveniently while the Woman was a child. Never mind that before the Woman was born and after she wented to college her mom had cats.


Tabby Toesday


The Woman complains that she doesn't have enough interesting pictures of me because I'm "lazy" or whatever.  I respond to this with the above picture.  I have thousands of different body parts and furrs, just make it interesting as that's her job!  I have to say having white paws can be a little difficult at times- they've been known to get a bit dirty.


Man Cat Monday


Shh...Man Cat sleeping.  I have to recover from my frisky weekend.  I can't believe its Monday already, it doesn't seem possible.  My Awesome Man didn't let me rub on his legs while he was eating- what's up with that???


The friskies continue...


The friskies have invaded me completely.  The AM pulled out the catnip banana last night and I went wild.  Totally wild.  I'm liking this mid-life crisis.  I wonder what mischief I'll get into this weekend.