Sometimes guests come in our house and are surprised to see me sprawled on the dining room table. I just blink at them. Then flick my tail hard a few times. I love seeing the looks on visitor's faces because they act like they just walked into an alternate Universe or something. Oh, and I love when they've been here a bit and I decide to nap on the table. Then they say things to me like, "Oh, I'm sure you're not supposed to be up there!". WRONG. Haha, surprising new beans is so much fun!

And the poll...ah yes, as I suspected you all love me MUCH more than the two idiots combined. That makes me purr and tail poof. Of course Latte is a bit whiney that he isn't well liked and is crying that he needs more help to get more popular....duh....NOT a big man cat, whiney little meezer rat. Though now the AM is sad becuase he thinks Latte deserves some "awwww!"s. He says, "He's a loveable little beast! Why doesn't anyone like him?". Latte did only get 7/44 votes and we can knock 2 right off the bat (his wife Chey and daughter Tara). Sigh....its true, Latte really is a wonderful spunky little rat, he's very special to me. I'll have the Woman try to help him show off his charachter a bit more.

But seriously, its nice to know you all love me most. I'll gloat about that for a long time.

(Kaze...well who cares about her anyway, she's a freak. That gets her sympathy votes.)
A Light in Silence & Remembrance


Feeling Frisky!

I've really been very frisky lately and Kaze is the easiest one around to take down. She's always up for a romp and she always thinks that she might be able to win this time except she never can. I'm the Man Cat in the house and she is never going to be in charge. She's also been moving in on my Awesome Man and I can't let that happen! He's been snuggling with her and petting her a lot. I am the only one who can make it through the night in the snuggle room though.


Woofie Wednesday

I know you've heard me talk about my woofie friend Zu Zu before but the humans hung out with her while they were on vacation in North Carolina. The house they all rent lets woofies come (but not cats) so she gets to go and play on the beach and swim in the Ocean. Zu Zu was my bestest friend for about 9 months when we grew up together. She was a puppy while I was a kitten and we grew up playing really rough together. I'd thwack her on the nose and she would bite my tummy and we'd both get yelled at. Ah...good times! Zu Zu is getting old for a woofie though. Not too old, but she's starting to get grey and actually sleep. She used to be a ball of energy. Instead of her comming to live with us when we finally got our house the AM's little sister was so in love with Zu Zu after so many years that she stayed with the little girl. I miss Zu Zu but sometimes she comes to visit and I always remember her right away and we start playing and I give her the tail poof immediately.


Litterbox habits

This is my 200th post! Of course it has to be of me during an intimate moment.... Can you believe that the humans actually recorded my litterbox routine? Of course this is only the last 30 seconds so I had my privacy while I was doing my business. I guess they were trying to prove that I don't know how to cover properly. Why would I cover if Latte does it for me? Seems like a sweet deal to me.

P.S. The litterbox isn't small, I'm just very big and manly :). Its actually very roomy for Kaze and Latte and no matter how big the box is I have to stick my head out while I'm going, its just what I do.


Man Cat Monday

Part of being a man cat means freaking out the humans so they question their sanity. Over the weekend I found a nice pile of hangers in the snuggle room. So I started digging. Tell me you wouldn't have done the same! I went on for about 2 minutes when the AM came upstairs and started laughing at me. I looked at him and promptly turned back to my digging joy. Really I just wanted to get him off his lazy butt for a few minutes. I owed it to him because he sits next to me on the couch and coughs really loud. I hate it when he wakes me coughing. So anyhow, never forget to annoy your humans when they annoy you.

Ugh, he just did it again! I'm sleeping soundly and he coughs and makes me jump.


Poor Awesome Man

My poor AM had a baaaad night. You can read all about it from either Kaze or Latte but you know their points of views are always skewed. Basically the AM got out of bed and was having a bad panick attack and he was freaking out in the hall. I trusted the Woman to take care of him because she's good at taking care of us all when we're sick. Eventually when he was not shaking so much I went over and rubbed on him to tell him it would be OK. He appreciated my love and then I went away when he went back to bed. I'm worried about the AM but he's a big boy, nothing I can do to save him. There is no point in fraking out like Kaze is.



Oh we need some sun. Its so dreary in this house and its been cold and rainy all week and its put everyone in the house in a miserable mood. The humans especially. The AM is sick and the Woman just found out she's allergic to a lot of food so her entire way of eating/cooking/life is going to have to change. She's miserable and she yelled at the NJMVC (DMV in normal states) and she even yelled at Kaze just because she meowed. Now, I'm one to put Kaze in her place but her little feelings got hurt. Serves the Woman right that Kaze was upset with her! Of course she felt bad but I just shook my head at her and stayed out of her way. I just hope these humans either get happy soon or move out.


Middle Name Meme Tummy, Toes, Tail too!

My very hot charmer Bonnie tagged me for the middle name meme! My middle name is usually "face" because it sounds like Chase but with a "f". Don't ask me why....ask the AM.

Oh, and the AM did make up for his snub yesterday. It turns out he has a cold and was not feeling good after 3 hours of Delaware traffic in the rain. The Woman said she was ready to walk home. But things are back to normal around here so I'm not expending any more energy than is necessary. Picutes will be later this week because obviously the photographer was not here last week. Its not like we don't have thousands stockplied she just has to get off her lazy butt and upload them. I don't care if she has vacation pictures, they are not pictures of me!

F- Friendly. I have never been mean to anyone. Even when I'm unhappy at the VET I growl but I would never ever harm anyone. Its just not in my nature. I love all creatures, especially woofies.

A- Ample. Now that's not cool Woman, I am NOT ample. OK, well I do have lots of furs and extrodinarily big paws but my girth is only borderline overweight, the VET hasn't put me on a diet yet.

C-Calm. The only thing that upsets me is the vacuum and thunderstorms. Other than that you could do anything to me and I would just sit there and blink at you. I find that taking things slowly in life extends my life in the long run. Plus, it gives me more time to plan out my retaliations on Kaze.

E- Eager. I really love food! Put something tasty in front of me and its bound not too last all that long. In fact, why don't you leave me some Temptations and see how quickly they last.


They're home!

Oh I was SO EXCITED when I heard that key in the door. I missed my Awesome Man so much that I let the grandma pet me and even purred. I was really sad and I really missed the People. The dumb meezers didn't miss them nearly as much as they should have. I cooed and ran around and purred for the Woman. I missed her a lot and at least she made a fuss over me when I got home....*ahem the AM didn't even pet me!!!!!* I love having everything in my world back to normal. I'm also thrilled to be back to blogging! My paws are out of shape for typing but I was really glad she brought the computer back with her.

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course on Man Cat Monday.


OK Fine

Alright, yesterday was MUCH better Woman. We got around to MOST of my friends yesterday but then she zipped up the red boxes and said that was all she could do for now. Alright....I'll give her the week but ONLY because the Awesome Man told me to. They are going to spend the week with my best woofie friend Zu Zu. I love her so I guess its OK to share them for the week. Grandma will come over to take care of us but I don't really care for her too much. At least we'll have food and water and a clean litter box.

Here is a handsome picture of me too keep all of you happy while I can't blog. Enjoy!

That's it!

I'm on strike. Woman, I think we need to talk here. I know you're "busy" with all of your stupid human stuff but enough is enough. Do you know how long its been since I've visited all of my friends? DAYS. Many of them. Briefly scanning about 10 blogs in a day does not cut it for me, Kaze, or Latte. We want to properly talk to our friends about what's going on in their lives and with their NOT so annyoing humans. Their humans help them blog.

You'd better shape up today or I'm going to poop in the red boxes. Sure, that's not like me but I'm getting peeved. You haven't even brought the red boxes down and you leave early on Sunday, how well do you think its going to go for you? Do you think the Awesome Man will pack for himself? You know he won't. You know you'll be packing for both of you.

I've thrown down the gauntlet. Stop working NOW and help us blog. Or else!


Tails and Toes on Tuesday

Friends, I have been a bad friend. I have not been able to visit most of you lately. I have been visiting but I haven't been able to comment. The three of us are finding it difficult to find computer time because the Woman is really busy at work AND I've seen the red boxes. I hate the red boxes. That means we'll be alone for a while and Grandma will come take care of us.

The Awesome Man is mad at me. I woke him up purring and snuggling and I guess he was really tired. How was I supposed to know?? I mean, why wouldn't he want to snuggle? Well I guess my antics have all of us shut out of the snuggle room. It stinks, I hate being locked out of anywhere. I've been crying at the door but its not working. I'll just have to keep trying and maybe enlist Kaze's help.


Man Cat Monday

(as with all of our pictures, clicking to biggify gets you tons more detail)

Look we got our very own Bizzy for Gizzy quilt! Of course it matches all of our furs but it has this special coffee themed fabric on the back because of Latte being named after a coffee drink. The Awesome Man loves LOVES coffee. I like this quilt a whole lot. We've all taken our test runs on it but we didn't approve of its placement until the Woman put it on the Poang Chair. It fits perfectly and its really comfy. I give it 4 paws up! Don't have a Gizzy quilt yet? What are you waiting for?? Go to Millie's to learn about them.

We have lots more pictures of us on our Gizzy Quilt so be sure to check Kaze & Latte's blogs later this week. Of course, since I'm the Man Cat I have the priviledge of the first post. Its good to be a Man Cat.


Footless Friday

Do any of you like to tuck your paws when you are sitting? I like to tuck my paws a lot. I find a lot of interesting positions but this is one of the more comfortable. I can sit like this, sleep like this, I can do pretty much everything like this.

I've been spending a lot of time with the Woman lately. She's enjoying my charity so I'm going with it for the moment. Not sure how long it will last though.


Checking it Out

We got a new lamp so I had to investigate. Hmm...looks....well...bright. Smells like plastic, and doesn't reall make much noise. Still, new items can be wiley and you never know when they will spring to life so I had to approach carefully. I had to make sure I could leap backwards in case it turned into a monster.

This lamp has been verified OK. I certify it Chase approved therefore all cats should not fear it.