Thinking Blogger Awards....Charmer Style

Abby & Boo nominated me for the Thinking Blogger awards! I'm going to put my own twist on it and talk about some of my Charmers who really make me think....clean thoughts too!!

Here are the rules

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog). That was that! Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all - blogs that really get you thinking!

1. Bonnie What can you say about such a fine feline? She's hot! She likes the nip! She makes me think of new ways to torture Kaze & Latte by her general disdain for her brother Victor. Bonnie is a queen and I've learned a lot about ruling from her.

2. Patches & Mittens These gorgeous ladies live in the Big Piney Woods. Have you seen this place? Its gorgeous! I've learned about how long winter can be, the great creatures that live in the forest, and how lovely a house full of all girl kitties can be.

3. Pixie So Pixie doesn't have her own blog but she shows up on her sister Daisy's blog all of the time. She is one special lady because even though she is very sick in her heart (not heart sick, she really has a bad heart condition) she still finds it in her to keep Daisy in line. Pixie will tell you about interesting foods to try like bananas and how to be a good kitty and take your medicine. She's one gorgeous tough lady.

4. Sadie Sadie is the leader of Rocky's Spicy Vixens so she's more of an honorary Charmer but that lady cat has enough spice to go around! Her Woman is an expert with kittens and they just had a momma kitty have a litter in their house.

5. Bathsheba Bathsheba is one very very gorgeous lady cat with extra toes. She lives with the Big Man Cat Jake. Their blog makes me think about the outdoors because I don't get to go outside. Bathsheba knows how to party and those extra toes are just....merrow!

I haven't forgotten my other lovely Charmers and honorary Charmers! You're all very special lady cats!

The Standard

Apparently in our house I'm the Cat Standard. Whenever something is odd with the other two, they get compared to me. For example, take last night. I was minding my own business napping upstairs while everyone else was downstairs. I love my alone time and I was peacefully sleeping on top of one of the scratching posts. Along came the Woman and she rudely woke me up by sticking her fingers in my mouth and inspecting my gums. How very rude!! Well my gums are just fine thank-you-very-much. I had them cleaned 4 years ago and I'm trying to not have to go through that ever again. The VET says my teeth look very good.

Since the VET told Kaze she has immuno-compromised gingivitis the Woman has been obsessivly brushing her teeth (much to Kaze's dismay). Last night she checked Latte and found his gums to be as red as Kaze's. Of course he does a better job of fighting the Woman off but he still got crud put on his gums.

But why does this always have to be my problem? I'm the most easy going cat and have had few health problems in my life (other than the time I jumped out of that 2 story window). I'm a big healthy Man Cat so I don't know how you could ever compare me to Kaze & Latte, there is just no comparisson.


Millie Beds...not just for sleeping

It is Spring and I've got some urjes for my Charmers but they aren't around. At times like this I try to find one of the Woman's wool sweaters but there are none to be found. Unlike Latte I find Kaze a poor excuse for helping with urjes so I found the Millie Bed can be quite useful. Of course it is quite a PDA and the Woman and the Awesome Man were not exactly happy with watching me and my Millie Bed. I spent a little time kneading and purring and doing my little dance. After I got yelled at (still not sure why) I decided I'd just fall asleep and dream about the Charmers.


Happy Birthday Awesome Man!! Tummy Tuesday

Here's my tummy!

My favorite human turns 27 years old today. That is like 20 years older than me! We like a lot of the same things like bacon. In fact the Woman asked him what he wanted for dinner and he said "bacon". She didn't think that was too helpful, I'm making sure he knows I love him by giving him los of tail poof and purring. I even purred for the Woman just to show how happy I am that it is his birthday. I can't wait until he opens his presents. I was very careful to get my furr all over them (especially in the tape) so he knows they are Chase approved. I don't smell nip so I haven't tried to open them. Hopefully we'll all have bacon for dinner. That would be awesome!!!


Man Cat Monday

'Sup my kitty friends? Things went pretty well with the People gone except Kaze was a little wuss and cried all night that no one came to see all day Thursday or Friday. She shouldn't complain, I've spent a lot of weekends alone before and its no big deal. Its not like we didn't have food or water but she didn't have the Woman so that freaks her out. Kaze and I had some spectacular wrestling matches so I feel I'm in good shape for the Charmers. The Tall Man turns 27 tomorrow. That sounds old. I don't know what to give him but I'm assuming some nip and Temptations. Maybe some tail-poof for good luck. All I know is the Woman will be baking a cake and that is always fun!!!!


Tired Thursday

With the Awesome Man and the Woman away in Atlantic City I've been in charge. You might think its hard to be in charge around here but it hasn't been so bad. I pretty much sleep through Kaze & Latte being stupid and then pretend nothing happend. If those two break some stuff there isn't really much I can do about it so my plan is just to sleep in some comfy spots. I'm also going to teleport over to some Charmers because I need to get out of this.

(Sorry about not being around but as you can tell I've got my paws full. I'll be back to normal and visiting everyone on Monday.)


Tummy Tuesday!

This is my best Rocky the Gutter Cat impression. Sometimes I like to sleep like this. It completely freaks the Woman out because she wonders if I'm alive or not. I do it just to freak her out.

Lots of cats have asked if I like my belly rubbed....I sure do! Feel free to pet it or lie on it or whatever you like. I'm very tolerant.


Man Cat Monday

Its been a hard weekend for a Man Cat. I had to sleep the whole time! Sunday was so rainy and ugly that I curled up in the Poang chair and didn't move for 6 hours. No seriously, 6 hours, the Woman timed me. The Woman's mother came to visit so I hung out upstairs for a bit. I like her and all I was just trying to tell the Awesome Man to get back into bed to snuggle with me while the Woman was busy with her mother.

I've been getting a nice brushing every day now. I like it and the Woman is amazed at how much hair comes off of me! She finally understands all of my hairballs. Even Latte purrs for the Zoom Groom so we all enjoy the brushing.

I'm going to spend the rest of this week napping too. I probably won't get a chance to visit my friends so much because the people won't be around much. They are going to be doing a Builder's Show in Atlantic City so they will be shmoosing all week long. We'll all be back to normal next Man Cat Monday.


My Welcome Mat

This is my Welcome Mat. I like to hang out on it and chill especially when there are vistors around. Auntie E says I'm always on that mat when she comes over to visit. Its comfy and rough at the same time. this is the front door and as you can see, it needs to be painted. The whole living room needs to be painted but the Woman is lazy and hasn't done it yet. She says soon...I'm not so sure. The mat is also a great place to get ready for an attack on Kaze. I've been chasing her around like crazy. Don't let anyone tell you 7 is a senior, there is no way I'm a senior!


Wanna see a baby horse?


This little foal was born just 3 days before this picture was taken. You can see where his mom (a maiden mare which means he is her first baby) stepped on him by accident. This little guy had a really hard time standing up on his own but the wonderful woman who takes care of our horse, Snap, took care of the little guy even though he wasn't her responsibility. He's doing well now! Thanks to the nice woman who gave them HER hay and HER water and tons of time. The mean mean owners of this mare (there are 20 PREGNANT mares out in a field and they were out there all Winter) said that the nice woman was trying to hurt the baby horse. Grrrr.....race track people are BAD mean people who don't care about the horses. There is another really really really sad chapter to this story but I don't want to upset anyone so I'm not going to tell it. Lets just say the poor pregnant mares need to come inside.


Frisky Spring!!

Yesterday I officially declared Spring Fever in our house. The Awesome Man came home and started playing with the mouse so I started getting a little frisky. When he stopped playing with us I decided I would make some trouble with Kaze. I chased her all around the downstairs and through both cat chutes behind the couch and the loveseat. She is so easy to rile up, its so much fun!! We're well matched in speed but I'm so much more spry. She just reacts while I make a plan for everything. Latte just stares at us like we're crazy because he has the Spring Crazies. Have you heard, he's snuggling! The whole house is upside down! (I've been sleeping with the Woman!)



Look what I've got! It is Kaze's precious rainbow toy. I took it from her and now I'm playing with it and she can't do anything about it. Ah....its good to be the Big Man Cat of the house. All she can do is sit there and watch me. She thinks she's so smart when she attacks me from behind and pins me down. Well look who has her toy now.

In other very very important news today is the birthday of one of my lovely Charmers: Bonnie! She looks just as young as a kitten if you ask me. Happy Birthday beautiful Bonnie!! I'll be over to celebrate with you all day long. Bonnie is a special lady as she is one of the founding Charmers. She has a very special place in my heart.


Man Cat Monday

Part of being a Big Man Cat is checking for intruders. Here I was searching for the evil hand. It is not a mythical creature for I have seen it with my own eyes! Sometimes this hand will appear through the mail slot and start wiggling its fingers!!! I have fiercely attacked them and I'm pretty sure I've discouraged the evil hand from coming back.

Oh, there were also birdies and squirrels out there too.


Nip Banana

This is my favorite worldly possession. I love my banana and no other cat is allowed to touch it at all. Latte tries to eat it when he gets a chance so its all mine. I've actually had it for about a year now and everytime I see it it is all new again. I would have to rank the banana right under the Awesome Man in things I love in this world. OK, maybe Latte too.

Happy Passover & Easter!


Thinking Thursday

Here it is!!!!!

The OLD couch! You thought I was going to say the new couch didn't you? Nope, this one is now on the front porch. We'll get some pictures of the new one soon.

I enjoy looking out the front window at the birdies and woofies that walk past. It is my morning look out and now the new couch is interfering a little bit but I'll get used to it. I'm the only one that likes this window, Latte really likes the side window and Kaze is just a follower. There have been lots of cool creatures now that it is Spring. Sadly it is COLD outside and rainy.

Tagged by Jake!

Jake tagged me for a great Meme!

Here’s what I’m supposed to do:
To participate, write a post about balance in life and link back to this post. Answer any or all of the following questions or simply share your thoughts about life balance.

How do you achieve balance in your life?

I sit at the center of the house on the second floor. It is right at the top of the stairs where all of the house energies pass by me. I can completely relax and I tuck my paws up and just nap.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life?

Keeping Kaze at bay. She's a freaking attack rodent and she's always trying to attack and play with me while I'm meditating.

What are your priorities?

Sleeping #1! Then eating, and time with the Tall Man. Also very important is covering in the litter box. Actually, I like banging around on the plastic sides.

How have your priorities changed over time and why?

Not really, though I did like to catch the red dot a lot more when I was younger. Now I've learned good things come to those who wait.

What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives?

A good nap makes everything better!

I know you are supposed to tag 5 cats but I'm napping now so I'll let this get around a little bit more and I'll let Kaze & Latte tag people when it gets to them.



Since when has a human ever really done anything intelligent? Certainly not in this house! The people bought a new couch and loveseat for the living room aka the room of windows. We get tons of light and I can really watch lots of creatures from all sides of the room. Anyway...the decided they needed more seating. So they bought a couch and loveseat. Then, last night, the night before it will be delivered, they try out their plan for rearranging this antique bench. Guess what? It is too big for the space they wanted. Haha! A cat would never do something so dumb. In fact, a cat would never own a bench because its hard and uncomfortable and not nice to nap on. So I can't wait to see when the couch arrives and how things get arranged. The Woman already took down and set back up the book shelf in the same place it was. Oh, and the CD/DVD cabinet too! I just sit back, relax, and chuckle to myself.


Man Cat Monday

Hey everyone! I had a great weekend with the visitors! They really really loved me and I had really missed my Uncle T. I missed him so much I actually gave him tail poof! He let me sleep with him and his girlfriend the first night and that was cool. I played lots of the bite game and the red dot. It was a great birthday present to bring him to town!



I completely forgot it is my birthday! We have visitors and I have been playing SO much so its like a really big party! So thanks for the wishes everyone!