Love the nip

Oh how I love da nip!! Nip makes me crazy and hyper. I've been going really crazy over this nip toy. I've been running around like crazy and batting it left and right. Sometimes a Big Man cat needs to let loose.


Raise a paw!

Gaius's Contest rocks. I love causes! We all talked it over and I said I'd raise a paw for Snap who will raise a (wet) hoof for....Canter USA. Like Siamese Rescue there are lots of independent smaller Canters across the country. This organization helps trainers sell ex-race horses who aren't doing so well at the track to people who want to rescue them. These volunteers go to the Shedrows and take pictures of horses and post them on their websites and assist people in meeting the horses. Its unique because the racing industry is involved and behind the whole process. From their website:

Through its Web site, CANTER provides the means for the public to view what horses are ending their racing careers and are available for purchase or adoption at Thoroughbred racetracks in six states. CANTER volunteers walk the shedrows of the racetracks taking listings and photographs for posting to the Web site. At most of our affiliates, the trainers may donate or sell their horse to CANTER and the organization will find approved non-race homes for their horses.

CANTER helps so many horses get a second chance at a new life! Snap didn't find a home through CANTER because the track where she raced does not have a CANTER associated with it. I know this is rather unpleasant but many ex-race horses who do not find non-racing homes end up at slaughter houses and many of the prices of these horses are barely above what the "meat man" would pay for them. There is an anti-slaughter bill now but its all rather controversial and I'm a cat so I'm not getting involved.

I just want to say bravo to the beans at CANTER!

They don't call it a monster for nothing.

You may have seen Kaze & Latte checking out the new torture device. You will never find a picture of me next to the hideous thing. I know better, rug sucking monsters and I don't mix. Do you see how it is attacking the little birdie? Its just an innocent little birdie and the creature is stalking it!!

Me? I'm upstairs. I'm as far away as I could possibly be. You won't find me near anything that makes noise. Poor little birdie. I sure hope the Animal didn't eat it but I guess I'll never know for sure. What I do know is that the monster sucked money from the Woman's plastic card and she's all freaked about that. Haha!!!!! I love making her spend money :)


The new little monster specifically for me

What do you mean I yak a lot? YOU are the one who put flowers on the table. Its not my fault I yakked on the table cloth before Thanksgiving dinner. And I DO need to yak on the carpet in the most inconvenient places. If letting me be me means you need a new little machine that's fine. Just leave me alone and I'll leave you alone to slave over my yak spots. Works for me!


Man Cat Monday

Well I have to say the Awesome Man isn't so awesome when he's home for 4 days in a row. You'd think that means I would get to spend lots of time with my favorite person but no, he has "projects" to do. He didn't even come downstairs for Footday! Usually he spends all of Footday in front of the big flashy box thing where the men in tights dance with each other. Instead he was installing a new line for the upstairs flashy box thing. Plus he caulked the outside of the house. And he installed a new heat box on the front porch. AND he put together a new rug-sucking-monster. Which- and I'm not even kidding- sucked the rug out of the dining room! What a busy 4 days. Me? Well I nibbled on flowers, yakked, had some chich-hen, yakked, more flowers, more yakking. Oh yeah, and the Woman got a rug cleaning rug-sucking-monster. Its a little one so she followed it around and cleaned up some of my old yak spots. I'm actually pretty happy the beans are going back to work today!


I'm sleeping it off.....

Really, what did you expect me to do with those flowers? You know I eat them. You know I will yak them up on the carpet in the middle of dinner. Its how things work.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm one for telling it like it is so here it is.....Plymouth Rock in all of its glory. Yes it really is this size. This is last fall taken right in the heart of Plymouth Bay in Plymouth, MA. You can see in the distance where the Pilgrims landed first, which was on Cape Cod. Things didn't work out so well for them over there.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends in the Blogosphere. I am so thankful to know you all!

Talk about BAD night.

So the Woman came home and went into the attic. She brought down the big PTU and of course I went in because I love being in PTU's. So I was hanging out and Latte got shoved in there with me. It was a bit cramped....but we got there OK. At the VET's office (yeah, that's where she took us) Latte left the PTU and gave me some room. I hate the VET. I tried to crawl into the corner but it didn't work. The Woman yanked me out. Then they poked and prodded me. The indignity! They did call me a Big Cat with big bones so they didn't say I was fat. That was pretty cool of them. Just as I thought it was over they brought me in the back room.

Here I was thinking I was lucking out because I didn't get any shots. I should have known better. They took me back and put a NEEDLE IN MY NECK. *Charmer's please don't read the following as I'm very embarassed* I pooped. I couldn't help it, I was so scared I had to let my bowels loose. It got stuck on my tummy furs. This is SO embarassing. Sigh....please don't think less of me. I have to say, I'd rather have the shots than this ridiculous titer crap. They stole so much of my blood I thought I was going to die.

At least I don't have to go back there. I have some tartar on the left side of my mouth but no gingivitis so I don't need my teeths cleaned. Well duh, don't all cats only chew on one side of their mouths?

On the way back Latte got shoved in the PTU with me again and I almost killed him. Three times. I wanted to be alone. The Woman almost had to pull over to grab Latte out. I just want to go to sleep and I deserve an entire chick-hen to myself on Thursday.


One Year Blogoversary

Back about 4 days ago.....I blame the Woman for not paying attention to me enough. I figured she'd miss it, she misses everything important having to do with me.

This is my squirrel watching spot. They come and torment me on the back deck and I just have to sit here and watch them. One of these days they will make a mistake and I'll catch one of those fat little grey things. They're mine....someday.

Sweet! I just found this test on Marie & Donny's Blog.


Man Cat Monday

There is something good under here. I'm not sure what exactly but I'm sure its something good. And those lazy little meezers spend their entire days snuggling because they're freezing while I thrive in this chillier weather. I mean really, what is so bad about a little chill to the air? I think its marvelous and it makes me FRISKY!! Kaze has been getting a real run for her money and Latte has too.


Congrats Awesome Man!!

Everyone please join me in cheering for my Awesome Man. He just got (back) into school! He's going to Drexel University in Philadelphia!!! I don't think I've ever talked about the Awesome Man's education before.

The AM went to the University of Massachusetts for a year and a half for Computer Engineering. He did really well and someone hired him out of school so he took a leave of abscence. Well he never went back and kept on working. He financially (and emotionally) suported the Woman through her school at UMass. He never loved school and now he's a partner in a company.

FINALLY the Woman and the AM's father convinced him to finish his degree. So now he's going to go to Drexel's Online program (even though we live 10 miles from campus...). He applied (well the Woman did it) and found out 2 days later! He's going to start in January!

I am so so so so so so proud of my AM for going back to school after 9 years off. I'm going to help him with school work and stuff.

Full of himself...

So as I'm sure you've heard that Latte is a finalist in Catster's Contest in the Playful category. He's all happy and puffed up and screaming his meezes that "he's awesome". Please....but I love the little rat so I can put up with it...for now. I'd say it should be me and not him BUT....we all know how inactive I am.

My poor Awesome Man is doing poorly. Nothing specifically wrong with him but he's just really tired and cranky and dizzy and stuff. I'm the only one he's being nice to (but he thinks he's being nice to everyone). I've been purring for Mr. Tasty Face as I'm sure many of you are too. Sometimes we don't give the men in our lives much credit (I know I do, but some of you are mama's cats and that's cool too). Lets just give all of humans a purr and be Thankful for them since next week is the US Thanksgiving.


Its so hard...to look this good.

I don't mean to make you lady-cats all quivery but sometimes my handsomeness just can not be controlled.


7 Things Meme

Boo (well really Gracie) tagged me for the 7 things Meme. So did Sunny, Olive Oyl and Rascal, and the P B & J cats! Basically you say 7 random things about yourself. And tag more friends. I think this has been around a bit but its fun so consider yourself tagged!

1. I have an obsession with shoe boxes. I find that no matter how narrow they are I can still squish myself inside. I use it kind of like a loaf pan.

2. I sleep. A lot. I have favorite napping spots and I rotate depending on the levels of annoyance (cats, noise, humans).

3. My current favorite place to spend the night is in the corner on top of the old scratching post in the Snuggle Room. Its high, surrounded on 2 sides, and there is only room for ME.

4. Squirrels are my arch nemesis. We have 2 in our back yard who do acrobatic flips on/off our deck and they torment me by sitting right on the other side of the window. I hate those fat squirrels.

5. Trash day is Tuesday. I realize that is usually a human thing to worry about but I like to watch the trash guys cover their faces as our stinky litter is removed. I create the stink so I get a kick out of watching.

6. I sleep in the bathroom sink a lot. Its cool and has a never ending supply of water. I like to serve more than one purpose at once.

7. I get scabbies behind my ears. Gee, wonder who claws the crap out of my face??? KAZE.

Wordless Wednesday


Take Down Tuesday

Oh yeah?? Well take that you little rodent. I'm bigger, stronger, faster, and more agile. Now watch out because I'm not letting you out of my sight. I know you think you are soooo powerful but when I want to be in charge- I am. OK, now I'm tired and now I need to take a long nap to save up energy for next time.


Man Cat Monday

I've been very assertive recently. I've been giving Kaze a run for her Temptations and to be honest, she really doesn't have a chance. I'm very experienced, agile, and fast. She thinks she can out run me but she can't. I've been acting like a kitten playing with her. I know they "got" Latte to play with me and Kaze to "keep Latte from annoying me" but I LOVE to play with Kaze and snuggle with Latte. Things all worked out in the end but I know I will catch that white rat soon and when I do it'll be Kaze soup. Hehe.



Oh yeah? You meezers might think this is your bed but it looks Chase sized to me! Just try to take it from me and I'll chase your butts up the stairs you'll think your tails are on fire. See that nice heat vent? Its mine. The soft fleece? Mine. Go ahead....just give me a reason to hunt you down. Well Kaze at least, Latte can snuggle if he wants to.


Feeling Friendly

Alright I purred for her. She was warm and snuggly and scratching my chin. It felt so good I purred and purred and purred and snuggled next to her. It was a nice moment for her. For me, it was OK. I mean, she's NOT the Awesome Man but she fulfilled my needs for the moment. I spend most of the night in the corner on the scratching post but when she starts to move around I realize I might benefit from her.

Look below at the cute Awesome Man as a little boy. Hehe, if he only know I posted this....


IDYA #3 Humiliate your Human

I could not for the life of me get close enough to the Woman to put stuff on her, she's too flighty right now. The Awesome Man laughed at me too. So while this is not a recent picture, this is in fact the Awesome Man as a little boy. He is dressed as Gizmo the Gremlin. The Woman calls Kaze a Gremlin but the AM was cuter, I think. Lets all hear an awwww......

You know what is funny about this picture? The house he is standing in front of is right behind our house now. The properties touch! So he grew up so close to where we live now, isn't that cool?

(Miss Piggy is his big sister)

Wordless Wednesday



I don't like this extra dark time we have now. It gets too dark and cold this time of the year. This is one of my rare meezer-free moments. Those little heat-suckers always find me and my pelty-fur and just lie on top of me to stay warm. They don't care if I growl at them to go away, they just snuggle closer. It is so frustrating when I'm dreaming about hot Charmers and there is a freaking Kaze-rat on top of me. Or little Latte who thinks I'm his property but head butting under my chin.

I'd apologize for not visiting blogs yesterday but I'm a Big Man Cat and I needed a rest. And the Woman sucks. But she got a flu shot in her arm so she's suffering enough.


Man Cat Monday

As a Man Cat it is my duty to inspect everything that the Awesome Man does. Sometiems he does something interesting enough that makes me stand up and check it out. Here is is making Temptation-Bird. Again, I don't know why you'd chase a Temptation on a string when you could just look cute and get them.



Some strange guy came over and he was poking and prodding at me. Sure I didn't move but that's because I'm the King of the House. I flicked my tail and he claimed there was a pea sized lump on my side. That caused the Woman to poke and prod at me and then I bit her. I was annoyed! Then I ran away because biting the Woman never turns out well. She kind of follows the bite her and die rule because if she let the horse bite her she'd be in trouble. Deep trouble. She followed me and felt me all over and her determination was....fat roll. Sigh. I do not have fat rolls!!!!!!!



I lead a fairly straight forward existence and somedays I really don't do anything other than eat/sleep/use the box and today is one of them. So instead of telling you my fairly boring digging in the litter box tales I figured I'd share a picture of New Jersey with you.

Most humans think New Jersey is a worthless state, the "armpit" of the nation. Sure we're tucked between NYC and Philadelphia but we have our own charms. We have the Pine Barrens which I'll admit are dull as they are filled with scrub-brush pines and sand. But there are also cedar trees that make the creeks brown. This is in fact "Cedar Creek" located at the Whitesbog Cranberry Bog. While Ocean Spray would like you to think your Cranberries all come from Massachusetts most in fact come from New Jersey. The cranberry bogs are tucked into the pines where you would least expect them.

New Jersey is our home and we love it. Sure its not New England with the mountains, Florida with palm trees and lizards, but New Jersey isn't as bad as some make it out to be.