Man Cat Monday

The Awesome Man watched the Birdies yesterday for no reason (the Eagles last game of the season). They won but it wasn't a game that mattered. I kept trying to tell the Awesome Man to just stop and pet me by head-butting his butt. I kept butting him to get his attention but he just told me to go away. Sigh....even with tail-poof he kept leaving me for the anti-cat room with the dark-de-tailer. He has new loud boxes that he's setting up. I hate when he gets new things for his Fun Room, it means he as less time for me.



The Meezers got together and nominated me in the Best Fur Sibling Contest! Of course I deserve the respect anyhow...

Why Chase is the Best Fur Sibling by Kaze & Latte.

Furminator Review

So a few of you asked for a Furminator review. Well...of course you came to the right source!

Lets see....At first I thought it was a little painful since the comb part is even more fine than a flea comb. It pulled at my skin and my "rolls". I kind of tried to bite it. then after a while I decided it felt nice and starting to stretch out and seek out the Woman to brush me. It removes all of the loose under-coat that I can't remove myself. It makes my fur really soft and silky and I don't have as many loose furs. Of course the piles of fur that came off of me the first time were just astounding!!!


Thursday Thirteen #54 (#2)

Thirteen Things I got for Christmas while the Meezers got Zilch.

1. The Furminator. Yes Woman, be my brushing slave and use up one of your presents on me. Brush now, keep going lazy!

2. Boxes. BIG ones! I can hide in them and pretend I can't hear when I'm yelled at to get the *#^% out. Uh....no, I'm happy thanks.

3. Tissue Paper! For shredding of course. Oh, and hiding. Its a well known fact that when you hide your head under something the rest of your body is invisinible.

4. Smaller boxes. These are really only good for nibbling on edges. I like to leave my mark on all presents. Oh, incidentally the Woman noticed I left my mark on her favorite belt today. Hehehe....

5. The loveseat is MINE. Its very well placed next to the tree right now so I can sprawl and be adored while people pretend to look at the tree when they're really just admiring my paw stretches.

6. New camera lens (macro). So the Woman can take better pictures of me. She does have to *ahem* back up a bit to fit all of me in the frame now.

7. Sweaters! The Woman's sweaters........bliss. They are my stand in Charmers and I have my way with them whenever she leaves a wool one out. Cotton...not so much.

8. Tree water. Yummy! Once a year the delicacy is served in the living room and it saves me from wasting energy walking to the kitchen to get a drink.

9. Ribbons. Bat...bat-bat-BAT!! Need I say more?

10. Secret Paws from the McKitten Cats & the Bonnie Package of course. Too much fun to even recall what happend those nights....lets just call them "black outs".

11. Late sleeping humans. The Awesome Man slept late for 4 days in a row! Lots of great snuggling time.

12. Attention from the Woman. She served me well this past week so I decided to give her some pets and *gasp* a purr! When she shows proper affections towards me I am not cruel- I allow her some petting of my pelty furs.

13. Stinky Goodness. And Bacon!! We got individual cans of Stinky Goodness and the Awesome Man gave us some bacon!!


Merry Man Cat Miracle Monday!

Just when I thought I wasn't going to get anything worthwhile after our Secret Paws this year a package arrived with my name on it first! And while it was for all of us, I know its really for me. It was from my Special Charmer Bonnie. She sent me some more of those great nip canes, mousies, temptations (my favorite flavor of course), jingle toys, an awesome thing with a long tail, and a cool custom stocking! Plus.....her picture. Ah....Bonnie....purr....



Reasons I can not possibly blog today:

1. Thursday 13 is exhausting!
2. The Woman left her memory on the OR table 2 weeks ago. Really, its shot. She went all the way to see Snap and FORGOT THE KEY. Therefore she wasted a whole hour in driving for nothing. That's just the worst example.
3. The Woman just got an iphone from work. She's an idiot. Its taking her entire brain power and night to figure it out.

But, I'm hot so I'm sure you'll enjoy the photo.


Thursday Thirteen #53

Its my first Thursday Thirteen! By wapping demand 53% of respondents wanted me to carry on our tradition. Thank you very much! For my first TT I am going to start off easy and do:

Thirteen Things about ME!

1. I weight 13 lbs. While I'm not really huge, most agree that I'm BIG. A Big Man Cat.

2. I have tricolored furs. My tummy and toe furs are all white while my body fur is striped with black-tan-black. This means that when my furs get on the Woman's clothes no matter what color my furs show up.

3. I don't talk very much but when I do its expressive. When I want to play I coo (like a mourning dove). I also have a nice "death-call" when there is a bird or a squirrel tormenting me.

4. I have a chipped fang tooth. I think most of you know the story but it involves me leaping from a second story window onto black top. I think it gives me an edgy look.

5. One of my favorite positions is on my back curled in odd arrangements. I also tuck my paws close to my chest.

6. I'm "ridiculously tolerant" according to my humans. This means they can do anything to me and I don't mind. They could use me as a feline Gumby Doll and I wouldn't mind. You an toss me around, wrap me around, squish me all over. I don't mind.

7. I can jump higher than Kaze. Its true. She can't get on top of the cabinets in the kitchen but I can. And do. I have to get away sometimes. She might leap for toys but I conserve my energy for when it matters.

8. Latte is my kitten. I always will look out for him and protect him from harm. Kaze...eh, she can fend for herself.

9. This may be an absolute shock to you but....I LOVE the Awesome Man. I would do anything for him. Anything at all. I love to purr for him and smurgle in his neck. Only he doesn't always let me.

10. Every night when the AM goes to take a shower we have a special routine. It stats out with front hugs and the bite game and ends up in a race to the bathroom where if I win I bite his ankles. Hehe.

11. I LOVE the PTU. Bring one out and I'll sleep in it. The smaller the better. When I was a younger cat and we lived in Massachusetts we used to come to NJ on the weekends and I used to stay with our Gramma. I loved the 5 hour car trip!!! Unless the humans were fighting. Then I meowed. A lot.

12. Once the AM was playing with me and a fev-ver toy. He was flinging it around and he hit me in the eye! He said it was an accident but ever since then I do NOT play with fev-vers.

13. The reason we have 3 cats is because of me. I was lonely when we moved to the house so they got Latte to keep me company. Kaze came because after Latte healed he was too active for me and annoyed me. Of course now I just play with Kaze and Latte rests.


Secret Paws!

There are more good things in here I just know it!!!


Nip Bliss....

The meezers felt being wordy about our Secret Paws gifts from the McKitten-Cats
was important but I can't talk. I'm just too blissfully nipped out. I mean, these cats sent the most perfect gifts a cat could want! These nip candy canes ROCK!! And the nip and treats and the toys galore and the fudge for the humans. We're speechless. Thank so much!


Man Cat Monday

Even though I'm very BIG and very MANLY I am also very agile. Well....at least if there is chick-hen involved. See how gracefully I dance on my hind paws? Its very easy for me to accomplish. For chick-hen.


If only...

If only I could work the computer with my paws....then I would have little use for the Woman.


Some Niceness for the Woman

Alright, I'll admit that sometimes I'm a bit nasty to the Woman. I am constantly reminded (by her) that she did at one time used to be my buddy. Its true but then she brought the Meezers here and that was all over. Every now and then I'll show her some affection.

This painting is of her family home in Maine. It is her Grandparent's house and it is where her dad grew up and has been in the family for over 50 years. She has many wonderful memories of her childhood in Maine in this house. She doesn't get to visit much anymore but she likes to look at the picture and remember stuff.

There, I've been nice. Enough.


I'm backish

So the Woman stopped writing in pain and offending my sensitive ears. My POOR Awesome Man, I can't believe what he puts up with. I've given him lots of snuggles and purrs and tail poof for all of his troubles. Poor AM has to wait on the Woman! I haven't been around the Woman at all really. When she goes into a room I leave. So basically all I've been up to is avoiding her and nibbling on present ribbons. Sadly even the AM yells at me for that.


I won't be around

I have to avoid the Woman. She's not any fun right now. Latte's update


I'd blog but...

I'm way too busy sleeping. Truly, I don't think I've moved much all week. Yaaawwwwn! Happy sleeping.


I will do anything for fresh chick-hen. The Woman was making herself some chick-hen soup last night for while her paw is mending. First she boiled some plain chick-hen. Then she cut it up. I smelled it right away. I ran into the kitchen and I rubbed on her legs. I NEVER rub on her legs. Then (you're never going to believe this) I gave the WOMAN tail-poof. My brilliant plan worked and I got a bite. I left the room and then I heard her call Latte & Kaze. I RAN back in and I meezed at her! I NEVER talk and I meezed like one of the meezers. Then I let her feed me out of her hand while standing on my hind legs.

It was completely worth placating her for 30 seconds.

Empress gave me on of Miss Peach's beautiful roses. She's such a sweet and beautiful lady cat. Thank you!


Really Kaze...

Do you see what she does to me? She makes holes in my ears and my neck and anywhere else she bites me. That girl is insatiable with her need to play. Here I am taking a much needed nap and break from the rat. Sigh....I do love to play but sometimes she's too much for me. OK, back to sleep.


Man Cat Monday

The Awesome Man calls this my flying pose. He thinks it looks like I'm headed in for a landing. I think tucking my paws is really comfy and it allows me to lie my head flat on the ground. I take lots of naps in the hall upstairs because I can see anyone coming up the stairs and I know there is no one behind me.

I allowed the Woman to hug me a bit over the weekend. She was talking about how she used to be my favorite when I was a younger cat and I'd snuggle in her neck. I don't ever remember liking her to that extent. I don't dislike her, I just don't have a huge need to purr for her or snuggle. The Awesome Man however I can't get enough of him! I rub on him and purr on him all of the time.