I think I need to set the record straight....

I do not attack Kaze; she is an EVIL white rat. She attacks me without any provocation from me. Do not think I am mean to her AT ALL, I am just protecting myself and then I will admit it gets a little fun so I do buy into the game but I NEVER hurt her. As you can see, she's out to draw blood and she often does. Yes, I am a tolerant Man Cat.

Fierce Warrior

In answer to my question yesterday....no I was NOT happy. I am always there first then Latte comes along- which is fine. Then Kaze and that usually doesn't last too long. I do not love that cat. She's only good for playing with. She is always trying to win our fights but honestly, I'm MUCH larger than her so there isn't much hope for her. Sigh...she's really lucky I'm so tolerant. So is the Woman, I even snuggled and purred with her this morning.


Tuxie Tuesday

This is Jasmine, she is one of the Woman's mother's cats. She pees on lots of stuff. She really loves the Woman so of course I think she's crazy. But really, she is pretty crazy. She almost starved to death before the Woman and her mother adopted her from the rescue place. Jasmine bit them but they felt so badly for her they took her home. She has a good life now. Of course she doesn't like men so I don't really know how she stays happy in life. WIthout my Awesome Man I would never be happy.

Oh, the Woman is unhappy because the Awesome Man fixed the vacuum. He did promise if she saves up a little bit the Woman can get a Dyson in a month or so.


Man Cat Monday

Thank you all for telling me I'm NOT the F word. They called me that all weekend until I gave them this look. Then the Awesome Man felt bad for me so the Woman suggested they just call me "Floofy" which was agreed upon by all interested parties. I'm OK with that, I do have medium length fur so I guess its OK.

Haha! That horrible sucky moster (aka vacuum) is broken! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! The Woman wants to get a Dyson but the Awesome man claims he can fix this "piece of junk" as the Woman calls it. She's still pushing for a Dyson. Apparently because of me and my fur.


Faking death

The F word was dropped a lot last night. I've been lying like this a whole lot and the Woman came over and squeezed my belly and said I'm F A T! Even the Awesome Man said I'm F A T. I'll admit my midsection isn't what it used to be but I'm getting to be an older cat (7) and my belly is sagging a bit. I still don't see a need for the F word though. (I'll admit there is a bit of roundness to my belly and my ribs have a thick layer for protection from KAZE attacks!)


When I think of the Awesome Man....

First I think of a donut. A nice fresh donut that is sweet and soft and warm and tasty looking.

Then I think of a bite taken out of it. Mostly because the Awesome Man doesn't let donuts hang around for long but also because I like to chomp on his calves when he's going to take a shower.




Since we've lived in our house "somecat" every now and then knocks down the curtains in the kitchen. They aren't mounted, they just use friction and hang on the inside of the window frame.

The Woman assumed that in a cat scuffle we knocked them down accidentally. Sure.

This morning I was caught. I was on my hind legs using my front paws to litterally pull the curtain down on purpose. hehehehe.....

I LOVE driving the Woman insane.


Tabby Tuesday

I know, its hard to look away from my fierce eyes. Don't I just strike terror into your heart? Don't you just shake in fear when you look into my cold calculating eyes?

Stop laughing at me. I'm fierce! Seriously, I'm mean and nasty and full of cattitude.

The fact that I let Kaze tackle me should not fool you.

Fear Me.


Man Cat Monday

So I don't know if I've much mentioned my VERY manly Stinky Poo "problem". The People call it a problem while I just consider it one of my manly qualities. Anyhow, I left a very ripe deuce right before the People had some company coming over. I knew they were bringing Auntie E and I just thought she might like a statement of my superiority. The Woman came in all yelling and holding her nose and ran over to the box to clean it out. She was very embarassed but I just strutted around because what cat doesn't enjoy leaving a good load behind? Man Cats will understand me on this one.


Tortured by a Frootbat on Friday

Why, why, why, WHY won't she leave me alone? It gets so frustrating and I can't even take a nice nap without a all out Kaze-Attack. That girl doesn't hold anything back, she goes right for pulling out tufts of fur. She's REALLY lucky I'm a chill laid-back Man Cat or else I don't know what would happen to her. I have some great pictures of an all out brawl between us I'll post those next week.

Oh wait...I know! She'd get her tail kicked into the next state!


The Onlooker....

I'm sure you've all heard that Latte got his Pink Mouse back. Well he got this all pink one (shown above) didn't really fly and was lost very quickly. Then last night he got his favorite Pink Mouse and as usual I sat back, relaxed, and watched him play. I like to play but I'd much rather just watch Latte or Kaze make fools of themselves. I would rather chase the Red Dot or lick the catnip banana.

So I just watch....and watch....so much of my life is spent just observing Latte & Kaze. They have no idea about life, its all a game to them.


The Awesome Man's attachment

This seems to be attached to the Awesome Man at all times. No one is allowed to touch it, even me. He keeps it high away from us cats and even the Woman. He lets her hold it sometimes but usually he puts it in a "safe place". The Awesome Man is a bit OCD, especially about his electronic devices. When I think of the Awesome Man this would be one of his main features: his love of electronics.

Today the Awesome Man and the Woman are celebrating their 3 year anniversary. They've been together for 9 years but married for 3. They are seeing mummies in Philadelphia. They are seeing the King Tut exhibit and taking half a day off of work. Then they are going to Ruth's Chris Steak House. I told them they'd better bring me back some steak!!


Man Cat Monday

Look how honored I am, I get the first picture posted from the brand new flashy-box. The Woman loves it and its permanently is attached to her neck and going off like crazy. I guess 600 pictures in 2.5 days is a lot of pictures...but that's just my opinion and you all know I think she's crazy anyway. Hey, at least she's showing off my handsome face as she should. She says my eyes look lovely on the new flashy box. Of course Kaze has the most pictures taken of her....gee, she's not a ma-ma's girl at all.

Since the Woman was pretty nice capturing my true self I gave her a nice snuggle yesterday morning. I even let her hug me like a teddy bear while I purred. She like it, and it didn't cost me too much. But when the Awesome Man woke up I went over to him of course.


Around town in the stroller

Latte & I get to go out in the stroller at night. So I know I promised everyone more pictures of our town but I only get to go out at night so this is the best I can do. This is one of our famous gas lanterns. They have been gas lanterns ever since the town started and they have been going. Sometimes stupid young people will break the glass and then lanterns will go out so the gas just kind of leaks out and its stinky. Then the town finids then and replaces the globes and the mantles. The gas lanterns are part of what makes our town so charming and eternally Victorian. Right behind the lantern is the Delaware River and I like to go look out over the water.


Hangin' in the Bathroom

The floor in the bathroom is nice and cool when its hot out side. Sometimes I go in here just to hang out and I'm usually left alone so that is cool. There is an added bonus in that I can easily hide behind the door if a thunderstorm comes by. Also, the staircase is right across from the door opening so I can see what everyone is up to going past. Its a pretty good spot to just hang out. Of course eventually Kaze will come and jump on me and demand I play with her.


My Midnight Tabby Adventure

You won't hear from Kaze or Latte how they were able to open the toy closet and fish out the whirly-bird which they dragged upstairs. They would never admit to getting into so much trouble. So I'll tattle on them as their folly directly impacted my night.

The people went out for a walk and came home to the opened door. The Woman ran upstairs expecting to see the bird destroyed but it wasn't. She secured the closet door.

One little problem with that...I WAS INSIDE THAT CLOSET!!!!!

Later at night the Awesome Man came downstairs because he heard a noise. He also secured the closet and went back upstairs to bed.


....................................Nine Hours later................................

Kaze: "Latte, did you hear a BANG out of the toy closet?
Latte: "Um, I'm not sure, let me get Meowmy to open it for us."

Yup, its me! Locked in the toy closet all night long. As you can tell I was actually quite comfy. I had my purr pad from Bonnie, that scarf thing (aka the green monster, used as a Halloween costume), and ALL OF OUR NIP!!!! Seriously, ALL OF OUR NIP STASH. I did check out all of the toys but after dumping them all out I found nothing really entertaining.

The only reason I had a lovely night was because I found my nip banana and passed out after about three hours of constantly licking. Honestly, the night is really a blur but I woke up feeling might refreshed!! After this I waltzed out like nothing happened. Of course I was a bit in need of the litter box and then some food.

I must also add that if not for the Woman who knows when I would have been found. She does a head count and she asked the Awesome Man how long it had been since he'd seen me and he said, "A while.".


Man Cat Monday

The Woman has a new policy call "pre-vacuuming". At first I was skeptical but then she showed me that it wasn't a small vacuum she was talking about it was the Zoom Groom! I love the Zoom Groom!! She brushed me for about 10 minutes and I let the furr fly. I even purred for her because it felt so good. Now you can enjoy my furs as they should be. I like this pre-vacuuming thing. It just can't be with the real vacuum....that thing is BAD NEWS!

Karen Jo wrote a limerick for me today! How perfect on Man Cat Monday. Its about my tail poof and the Awesome Man. Thanks Karen Jo!!

For those of you curious about the Zoom Groom Latte will be posting about it on Thursday, complete with a video of how much he loves it. Its like a wonderful massage and you know how he doesn't like to be touched. He sees the Zoom Groom and runs right over. It took him about 3 times to enjoy it.


The real reason Kaze was sucking up to me yesterday

Because this is what she does to me (I have posted this before but it illustrates how irritating she really is):

Every now and then she feels the desire to woo me into thinking she likes and then WHAM! She attacks like a hungry spider. I think I deserve the Big Brother of the Year award for putting up with that little rodent. Now I will admit she's fun to chase around and drive crazy but only on my terms. The whole stalking thing is just too annoying.