While I'm resting I'll tell you a tale

Here's a Tigger Tummy Tuesday Picture of me.

Still sick and the shrooms didn't do anything fun. It takes the Awesome Man and the Woman to hold me down and give me meds. I'm really strong. But while I'm resting I figured I'd tell you of my adventure with the window. I know I promised it a while ago when blogger ate it.

One fine summer day I was sitting on a window sill with just a screen between me and the chirpies. Our appartment was on the second story so I had a great view. I really like chirpies and they like to torment me. Suddenly one swooped at me! I HAD to go after it!

Suddenly I was flying through the air and then UMPH!! I hit the ground. I was a little shocked and dazed. One of my fangs hurt and I was very sore. I looked around and flattened myself to the ground because I was Out of Doors and I didn't go out there. I looked around and didn't see anything I recognized. I looked up and saw the open window but I couldn't get back up there. I was home alone and who knew when the woman would ever come home.

I saw a small line of woods and decided to go hide until I could think about what to do. I sat right on the edge of the woods and thought about being a tough cat and taking care of myself.

After an eternity (I don't really know how long) I heard the woman calling for me. I couldn't see her but I heard her in the appartment. Suddenly she burst out the back door and found the screen I had flown down with (it had paw prints on it). She started frantically calling my name and I could tell she was scared. Then she spotted me in the woods. I called out to her and ran over because while she wasn't the Awesome Man, she certainly does love me.

Then she took me to the VET's. I know, great way to end the story, right? I have a chipped fang which I think makes me look tough. I had some swelling and bruises but I was just fine.

I still try to go after chirpies so the Woman doesn't let us sit in open windows unless she is around. No fun.


Gemini said...

Oh Chase! What a fall! That would be furry scary.

The Meezers or Billy said...

oh my goodness - what an 'venture. mommy doesn't let us sit in open windows upstairs eifurr- maybe that's why

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Oh we hope you feel better soon sweet Chase.
Wow, what a big adventure going trough the window! Glad you were not hurt.

The Crew said...

That's quite an exciting adventure, Chase. Thank goodness you're OK and that chipped fang just enhances your rugged, manly good looks. This reminds me of the time I went through our screen door after a chipmunk, but I was just on the deck not flying through the air!

Maxwell Smartkitty

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Wow! I am glad you weren't anymore hurt than you were! And I am really glad you didn't get lost in the woods! A vishus deer could have gotten you!!!!!

Meowm saw your tummy and had a cute overload!

Anonymous said...

we had no idea you had a white tummy wif lotsa fluffs - furry cute!
the Lady's OBSESSED 'bout the screens fallin' out an us fallin' wif 'em. efurrytime she opens a window we could get to, she pushes on the screen to make shure it's in good. then she spends WAY too much time tryin' ta deeside 'zactly how open the window should be so we'll be safe, but still get air. she's an OCD nutjob.

Anonymous said...

darn. the Lady just readed yur story too an now she's sayin' "SEE?" an stuff like that. we're furry glad ya didn't get hurted, but we're sorry ya didn't get a mouf fulla fev-vers fur yur efferts.

Just Ducky said...

Chase that was quite an adventure. I watch the little birdies but never tried to go out and actually catch them.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Oh, what a beautiful tummy!

And what a scary adventure! We're so glad that you escaped serious injury. We know how hard it is to resist bird taunts.

We're so sorry to hear that you're still sick, but maybe the meds/mushrooms take time.

Wishing you well -

Lux said...

I sure hope you start feeling better, like, yesterday, Chase! And I'm sorry to hear about your chipped fang.