OK, I'm planning a party going on RIGHT NOW until the Awesome Man gets home from work. What is worth a huge immediate party? A GINORMOUS box is in the dinning room. I'm talking HUGE! Our final ginormous TV came in it and now its empty and it has great paw holes to scratch and plastic straps to chew on and it can hold like 25 cats on top without collapsing. It is the best box I've ever seen; and we've moved around a lot. So come on over and party everyone! The Charmers are especially invited into the private VIP lounge INSIDE the box. Only Latte knows how to get in there but he said he'd show me the secret if I get enough people here (and of course he's thinking Chey).

OK, its bigger than this one even because the new TV is 57".


Pixie said...

That is the best party box I have ever seen! Let me fix my furs and makeups and I will join the party!

Party! Party! Party!

Gemini said...

Oh we will be there. Cheysuli says that she is certain Latte will show her the secret inside too! I'm good at boxes as well so who knows?


Oh my gurl is goin I'm showin up too! Don't werry Gemini I will show yu how to get into da box!


The Meezers or Billy said...


Christine and FAZ said...

Yay, cat party at your box. Will it be like a rave with flashing lights and music? FAZ

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

I'm on my way over!!!

LZ said...

Oh yeah Faz! I'm turning on the black lights as we speak. And I'll even break into the Cat Free Room to turn the music on!


Katnippia said...

Hey my sweet and handsome Chase. The box party sounds awsome. especially if we can celebrate me being Kat's cat of the day, hehe..
Purrs and headrubberz, Pounce

Rosie & Cheeto said...

SCORE!!! Party at Chase's place...well find it cause its the one with the GYINORMOUS box!

Artsy Catsy said...

Oooh, did I miss the party?? Boxes are my favorite thing in the whole world ... and parties are my second favorite!!

Artsy Catsy Spokesmodel

Pelu & Carlota said...

Pelu: Box party? Funny!, I never had a box party :(.
Carlota: But we had pajama party, dont cry! xD.
Pelu: Im not crying
Carlota: Ah! its true.
Pelu: The photo its beautiful and you also, good idea that the box pary , I will say to my mom that should do to me a box pary.:P
THNKS! for comment our blog!
And sorrt for our bad english language!